View Full Version : my bird is nutty lol

09-12-2006, 10:13 AM
I nearly had a heart attack at 5am monday morning, I was fast asleep when I suddely wake up in a panic after hearing a very loud crash and a lot of squaking, it sounded like Toivos cage had fallen! so I turned on the light in a panic only to see the cage and Toivo perfectly fine, the noise? Toivo was reapetedly climbing as high as he could..then proceeding to try to jump tp the perch on the other side of the cage, he would jump, fall, and try again! christ the bird nearly gave me a heart attack! I walked over opened the cage, picked him up put him on the rope perch and went back to bed, once he was on the rope perch he was a happy camper. he was obviously palying though, he wastrying to JUMP from the cage bars to the perch..I need to clip his wings, he HAS his flights, he CAN fly lol