View Full Version : When do you/did you start school this year?

09-04-2006, 11:23 AM
I just wondered when everyone started school this year, I thought it would be neat to see how far apart our starting dates are. :)

I start tomorrow. They used to start us a few days before Labor Day and then have Labor Day off, and all kinds of things, and it would get very confusing. This year they finally made a new rule to start us the day after Labor Day. My summer went by WAYYY to fast! I hope everyone had a great summer! Happy Labor Day! :D

Toby's my baby
09-04-2006, 11:28 AM
I start school tomorrow too.

I'm SO excited. :p ;)

09-04-2006, 11:35 AM
I started last Thursday... Though most others in the district started on last Wendsday, juniors and seniors got an extra day off, while sophmores got a tour and met their teachers. (Oh, I'm at a 3 year HS by the way.) =)

09-04-2006, 11:37 AM
My 6 year old started first grade August 9th! She couldn't wait! :D

09-04-2006, 12:06 PM
I start my final year of high school on Thursday. :eek:

09-04-2006, 12:08 PM
I started August 21st.... :)

09-04-2006, 12:33 PM
August 21st for me^^.

09-04-2006, 12:57 PM
I start 8th grade this Wednesday. I'm dreading it so badly. :(

Miss Z
09-04-2006, 01:21 PM
I start tommorow! :p

Maya & Inka's mommy
09-04-2006, 01:27 PM
My daughter Indra started on friday september 1st

09-04-2006, 02:23 PM
SOB SOB SOB I start 8th grade tommaro ! Ahhh ! :eek: Summer went way too fast. I've only got one trial left this year than I have to do all my practise indoors, and no more trials untill June. :(

09-04-2006, 02:34 PM
I start September 25. :)

09-04-2006, 03:06 PM
the school I went to started last wed. most schools here started last thursday though

09-04-2006, 03:15 PM
We started school August 23rd.

09-04-2006, 03:28 PM
August 7th. School's 1/16th over heck yess. :p

09-04-2006, 03:28 PM
I started 11th grade August 14th. Only 2 more years left,i'm so excited! :D

Suki Wingy
09-04-2006, 04:26 PM
wow Bri you started early! IMO school shouldn't start til after labor day because labor day is kinda the unoficcial end of summer. My school started two thursdays ago.

09-04-2006, 04:31 PM
I could of sworn that I already replied to this thread..
But anyway, I start tomorrow. I'm so nervous. :o

09-04-2006, 04:36 PM
I started August 16th. I get out June 7th. :D