View Full Version : I half-rescued a betta today

09-02-2006, 07:33 PM
I went to Wal*mart today. And checked out the bettas, handsome boys and girls all pretty healthy They had a little bowl on display and there was a vt in there. Walked back a few mins later and noticed there was something else in that bowl. A girl betta I was like OMG! Then ran off and got my Dad told him what was hapening and explained that 'breeding bettas was very different then breeding guppies. You don't just place them together like guppies and watch them grow it is much more complicated.' So he got the one of the manegers and I told her what I had found. She was really nice to me and seperated them. She went around looking around for the guy in charge of the fish department to tell him to make sure it didn't happen again.

The girl was really shredded up and she would need alot of TLC. I told my dad that she needed care that wal*mart couldn't provide and he just said "Lets go find your mom". He wouldn't let me take her home to treat her for all the damage that had been done. I am so upset and feel awful that I couldn't help her further.

The male was fine btw.

09-02-2006, 07:35 PM
That's terrible. I hate it when the fish people aren't knowledgeable.. Maybe you can sneak back and get the girl? lol

09-02-2006, 09:10 PM
If you work with fish you should know about fish :mad:
Happy you got them seperated.

09-02-2006, 09:25 PM
Good for you. =D
Too bad you weren't able to take the little girl in... hopefully some other fish-experianced person will claim her as theirs and nurse her back to health.

09-02-2006, 09:49 PM
Thats terrible! People at Wal Mart don't know diddly squat about animals.. :mad:, I wonder why they even got fish there? Urg it makes me sooo aggrivated? I'm happy you rescued her though... maybe you could go back and check on her?

09-03-2006, 11:02 AM
I can't Wal*Mart is to far to go by myself. :( But maybe I will ask my mom if she will take me because I need hamster food or I found a present for her b-day. I feel awful for not being able to take her home :( I will try to get her.

09-03-2006, 05:20 PM
I got her! she is stressed and beat up but other whys fine :)

09-03-2006, 05:41 PM
Yay! =D
I'm glad you were able to get her, now she can begin to recover without any worries.
Any chance we get a picture^^?

09-03-2006, 06:08 PM
Thank goodness you got her(any name yet) :)

09-03-2006, 08:32 PM
I have some pics. I guess I should load them. Shes red what names you think would be good?

09-03-2006, 08:38 PM
Petal.. (as in rose petal?)


Heart, or Love, or something.. Amore would work (it means love in french or something)

09-03-2006, 09:07 PM
I'm so glad you ended up getting her! :D I don't know any name suggestions for you, though.

09-03-2006, 10:08 PM
I love Ariel for a red betta