View Full Version : Donations Needed To Take Kittens/Cats to Vets Bellefonte, PA

08-18-2006, 02:26 PM
Hi All,

My name is Melissa and I have another thread on the cat threads. Well I got *BIG NEWS* today, Best Friends Organization is going to be funding for the cats to be spayed/neuter but they can't cover the cost for the cats office visit which will be $30 per cat.

I know this is a lot to ask but I don't have the extra money and no organization around my area is able to help fund for this.

If you can make any sort of donation, so these kittens/cats can get the shots they need, I would be so grateful.

I have a paypal account my e-mail is
[email protected] don't forget the underscore after m _ h

Any amount will help, I know I'm not a non-profit organization but I have been working so hard on this for the past two months and now that I have the spay/neuter vouchers coming my way, I can't afford to get the cats a vet visit first. I need to raise $390 to make sure all the kittens/cats get there shots they need.

Please help the kittens/cats,