View Full Version : Striking similarities

08-15-2006, 02:19 PM
Sorry, I haven't found the money for a new camera yet. But you can still be amused by Autumn and Buster's similarities. It seems every time I talk to Buster's owner about Autumn, or visa versa, we find ourselves saying "my dog does that too". I told them about how impossible it was to get Autumn to look at the camera, and they said Buster is the same way. Neither dog gives kisses. They told me that they can never trick Buster into thinking that they had thrown the toy, and I said Autumn always knows its behind my back too. Both dogs give this accusing bark when we hide a toy behind our backs and they have to see BOTH hands before they look around for it. If Buster weren't 3 inches taller than Autumn you'd think they were twins. They act the same and look very similar.