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08-10-2006, 07:32 PM
Hi! A friend of mine just gave me a cage that we're going to be keeping 2 hamsters in. I decided on Dwarf Hamster because they're smaller. Can people tell me about Dwarf Hamsters or even hamsters in general? I've read books and my friend has told me everything I need to know but who could ever deny PT help :p ? I know in general what they eat, but is there anything special "spoiled" hamsters like? Where should I excersize them if I don't have a hamster ball? How hard are they to tame? What should I look for in one at the pet store? And last but not least... NAMES SUGGESTIONS! :D I hope you can answer quickly, because we're going to the pet store around 3:00 pm today. We were going to go yesterday night but plans changed.

08-10-2006, 07:40 PM
You NEED to get a wheel or a ball for the hammy to exercise in! Be prepared to be chomped a few times while you two get used to each other, it's almost inevitable, but doesn't really hurt too much.

08-10-2006, 07:46 PM
Thanks Karen.I have a wheel in the cage already and when I get my hammies i will get a wheel!

08-10-2006, 08:00 PM
Hopefully you can read it all this information before seven... :p

When you first get him/them, bring them home in their box carefully. Have the cage all ready. Fresh bedding, water, and good food. This night don't hand feed them. Just put the food in their bowl.On their first night don't feed them any carrots or anything. Just give them the regular food in the bag. Don't take them out. Just set their box on it's side in their cage and let them go out when they please. On their first day the room should have little light, and little movement. Let them settle down and let go of their traumatizment of being in the little transport box and everything. Don't make quick movements in the room or anything. Only go in there when you go to sleep. If they decide to go in their wheel the first night, that's good! If it's too loud, live with it, don't move the cage, it will traumatize them. Don't take them out in the morning either, because they are nocturnal and you have a good chance of being bitten by any hamster at all if you wake them up. Would you like being woke up in the morning if you had been up all night eating and running in your wheel? I don't think so. So leave them alone until the night.

On the second day, at night time, that's the time to start their socializing. Don't get them out until they're awake and out of their sleeping place. Put some good food, like a cut up carrot and a cut up portion of an apple in the palm of your hand, and just hold your hand there. They should notice it and slowly come towards your hand. If they hesitate for a while, put your hand closer to them, and hold it there, still. They should soon come up and eat it. If they don't come up and eat it, then leave them alone for the night and put the food in their bowl.

The day after that, this is the time you need to take them out of their cage for a run around the room or something. Have some fresh food in your hand, and with it in your hand, scoop one of them up. But both of your hands in a cupped position under him and lift your hand carefully. Be careful that he doesn't jump and hurt himself. But him in his ball or let him run around in a clean, dry bathtub with a toliet paper roll and some toys in it and stuff. Watch them play, you should be fascinated since this is the first time you'll see your hamster playing. Watch him 24/7, just in case he finds an escape. If you have that kind of shower with the sliding doors, you can leave him, but make sure to warn other people that he's in there and not to turn on the shower or anything. You can put the other hamster in there with him.

Peppur loves sun flower seeds! But they really fatten hamsters up. They should only be given one a day. Make sure if you have a food with lots of sun flower seeds in it that you remove them and use them only as daily "treats". Peppur also loves crackers, but you've got to make sure they aren't too salty. I feed him bread, carrots, lettuce, and sliced apples every week. You should give them to them every week because it helps keep them healthy. Make sure you cut up everything though, so it doesn't cut or break their pouches. Make sure not the feed them too much either, because that can break their cheek pouches too. Don't give them too much food because they may eat too much or their bed may be made of food because they store food they don't want or need for another time. Make sure and change their water everyday so they don't dehyderate. I've heard that Dwarf Hamsters are more aggresive than other hamsters, but if you work hard with them everyday and socialize them, I'm sure it'll work out fine. Since you have too, I think it's a good idea to feed their food by hand, so one doesn't get both of their food. Feeding them by hand will also help them to get used to you more. Make sure all the little kids in your family know that they absoulutly MUST, MUST, MUST be very gentle with them! One wrong move could lead to biting and they could lose all of their socializing, and it'll be harder to get them back on track. They have got the hold him like they would if they were cupping their hands together and pouring water in them. They need to be sitting down when they hold the hamster, that way there's a better chance of the hammy not dying if he falls. I sure would hope you know that if you do get bitten, not to scream and drop the hamster. If he lets go right away, good, don't scold him like you would a dog or anything, just put him back in his cage. If he doesn't let go do not scream or drop him! DO NOT! That is a HUGE DO NOT! Keep holding him and stroke him on the back so he lets go. Then carefully bring him back to his cage. Since you have a litter box for your hamsters, you shouldn't have to clean it often. Only when you see turds or wet spots on the "soil" is when you decide to clean it. You should only have to clean your every other week and that is only if you see droppings.

You can go to your pet store and get toys for your hamster to play with! Make sure he's happy, healthy, and, having fun! Good luck & if you have any questions PM me, email me, and you know my phone ;)

08-10-2006, 08:01 PM
Thanks Karen.I have a wheel in the cage already and when I get my hammies i will get a wheel!

I'm guessing since you have a wheel, you mean you're getting a ball. :p

08-10-2006, 10:53 PM
Thanks for all the information! I copied and pasted it so now I can look back on it for information. :)

08-10-2006, 10:55 PM
Ya Zoomer thats what I ment. :confused: lol

08-11-2006, 02:32 PM
I PMed you, Sarah. I wrote down some common questions asked about hamsters and answered them. If have have any further questions that aren't on the PM I sent you, please ask! I love talking pets :) I hope the questions & answers will help you, along with my reply I posted earlier. Good luck with your new additions :D

Also, I would check out these websites:

08-11-2006, 03:56 PM
I hope Im not to late. Please read all of this it is all true. if you have any more questions feel free to ask :)

Please read all of this:

Dwarf hamster on the other hand may live together. There are Four Breeds of Dwarfs. There are Russian Campbell Dwarfs, Winter White Dwarfs, Chinese Dwarfs, and Roborovskii Dwarfs.

Some tips for keeping multiple hamsters are:

Make sure you have a large setup for your new hamsters. If you don't have a large enough setup then your dwarfs could fight for space.

A large food dish. Most dwarfs love to be able to sit in their food dish. But if you have a food dish that can't hold a bunch of dwarfs then you could be asking for a fight. Food dish's that would allow all of the hamsters to sit in at the same time are best.

Sometimes one or more of the dwarfs will be greedy. So the other(s) might not get enough food and then get angry. So if you find your dwarfs are not getting the right amount of food the answer is not another food dish. Why? Because now Piggy gets twice as much food. I would suggest seperate feeding times. Feed one and then take the other out. Then switch turns. But usually having a large food dish can help this.

Wheels. Never get the wheels that are actually made for dwarfs. Some are to small in the first place and well all the dwarfs can't fit on it at once. A syrian sized wheel or bigger is your best bet. Or having more then one wheel.

Water Bottles. Sometimes dwarfs will fight over getting a drink. So then you need to get another water bottle.

Multiple beds. Dwarfs may not want to sleep together all the time. So it is important that you have more then one bed for them in their cage incase one is chased out of its bed.

Gender. It is important that you have dwarfs of the same sex. Breeding is alot of hard work and takes a long time to learn. So make sure you either have all girls or all boys.

If fighting occurs and there is blood you must seperate them immeaditly. This means you must have extra cages ready incase of a fight.

Good luck.

Dwarf CAN NOT Have
Corn of any kind
Any store bought treats

And if any of these ingrediants are in treats/foods then they are unsafe aswell.

Dwarf CAN have
Anything a Syrian can have other then what is listed above.

www.hamsterhideout.com -All the information you will need. Please join up or at least stick around and read all of the info :D

Miss Z
08-11-2006, 04:23 PM
I used to have dwarf Roborovski hamsters, the tiniest hamsters you can get. They are generally very sweet and mine were tamed easily, but they are much quicker than their syrian cousins and take your eye off them for a minute and they're gone. Also, get them from a reputable breeder who you know is experienced. I got mine from a garden centre, and the people there knew next to nothing. At a young age, it's a little difficult to tell sexes apart, and I bought what I was told were 2 boys, a few weeks later and I had 8 hamsters :o Also, they MUST have a tank cage. They can squeeze through the bars of a normal cage with ease.:eek: If the cage you have is a bar-cage, do not put dwarves in it. Russian dwarves may be OK, I would check that at wherever you get them, but certainly not robs or Chinese hamsters. If this is your first hammy, I would recommend a syrian, but it is your choice. Good luck in whatever you decide.:)

08-11-2006, 04:37 PM
Roborovkiis are very small. But Russian campbells are much bigger then them ;)

08-14-2006, 01:53 PM
I went with her to get the hammies and I think the ones she got were Fancy Dwarfs. Half the stuff you typed I didn't know, and I'm sure Sarah didn't either :o

08-15-2006, 11:01 AM
Fancey dwarfs? No such breed just a nickname. Can you get pics?