View Full Version : Pic of Bunnies indoor hutch

Heather Wallace
05-23-2002, 01:39 PM
DaisyLover, I got the pic of Bunny and Ebony's new indoor hutch, here it is, they really love it now as they get the chance to see around the whole room.

05-24-2002, 09:38 AM
That's a great looking hutch, thanks for showing it to me. I was wondering, do you shut them in at all or are they able to come and go as they please? Do you put all 4 of them in there, or is that The Girl's Room?

I only put my guys in and shut the door when I'm cleaning the floor....or when someone is being naughty and needs a timeout.

Otherwise they go in and out as they wish.....I have a baby gate to keep them out of the living room since Chocolate has been known to nibble on the furniture if she gets bored. :rolleyes:
Most of the time they will retreat to the cage to nap ... I think they feel safe in there or something. Bunny and Ebony must really be impressed with being able to see out all the sides.

I can't tell from the picture but I imagine it has a wire floor...... Did you put down something to protect their feet? Only part of the floor needs to be covered to protect their delicate little (ha-ha-ha!!!) feet. I don't have any wire floors in our hutches here and yet Velvet STILL managed to get a very bad case of sore hocks. That was difficult to treat.... I had to put salve on his feet, then bandage them up, over that he had to have infant socks AND then, the crowning glory, I had to cover all this with a small plastic baggie! It was awful, but I always knew where he was because I could hear the plastic make wrinkling sounds :D :D So needless to say I am now very, very careful and check his back feet several times a week.

Heather Wallace
05-24-2002, 12:42 PM
No the bottom is completely plastic, which is good for them, don't know if I would but the in a wire one sounds to dangerous.

Only the girls sleep in their, as you know the boys where just fixed last week plus Ebony is not so it would have been to risky.

I really have to supervise the buns when they are out of their hutches especially the boys as I have had no luck litter training them. The girls aren't as bad as the boys they are getting there in terms of litter training. When I am on the computer or up stairs etc then the buns get out to play, they also have their bunny run and the garden for plenty of exercise. It is just sad that the weather here is so bad.:(