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08-04-2006, 05:08 AM
Tonight, I went and got a tiny little black/green/silver platy (Shine) and a black and silver mollie (Set).

At 4:30 AM CST (30 mins ago) I had to rush and get a 2L heavy duty tupperware (forgive me, it's all I could find at this time of morning) and transfer my Squeesh and Shine to it while Feesh and Toad are in my other little tank.

Why, you ask? Set started having babies! I was sitting down, getting ready to go to sleep and all of a sudden I see a little pink dot zoom across the tank a few times. A closer inspection yielded a little black tail and big black eyes. As of right now, there are somewhere between 6-10 living and one dead (poor baby! :( ). So, all potential predators have been removed I believe (unless they're a danger to each other). They are all nice and active and, I must admit, pretty freakin cute. It was so weird and amazing. Set had her back end facing me but it was kind of elevated. All of a sudden, I see this little ball being pushed out and a little baby mollie unfurl its tail and zoom off!

I did not breed them nor had I any intentions to.

I really am at a loss as for what to do. I'll do a bunch of research and I hope and I'll try to help them live.

Update: The feeshy babies are all doing extremely well! Like I've said, they swim and play and go "boy oh boy" whenever I start crushing up flakes. It seems like they double in size every time I look at them! :p There are some that are black and white spotted all around. Most of them have pink heads and half black bodies. Some have one white stripe that goes around their stomach and back. So, they are pretty cute and getting big! :D

08-04-2006, 09:08 AM
You really should keep them in the set up tank, as the water conditions are right. Get a breeder basket if you can or a small container that you can punch holes in the bottom and hang into the water on the side of the tank. They can store sperm for 2 years, so you might have babies long after you buy them. To feed the babies, crush up flake food as fine as you can, or take the yolk from a hard boiled egg and dissolve it in a cup of water then feed the babies a few drops of this water twice a day. What do you have in the tank? Any livebearer will eat their own babies.

Also, platies and mollies are in the same family, so they can interbreed.

08-04-2006, 10:46 PM
I did a bunch of reading and researching last night. I wanted to take the mama out because I had read about how they can eat their own babies. I will be making a trip to a local fish store here to talk to them about the basket and see if there is a way for them to help me get them nice fishy lovin homes! :) I am going to see about getting another tank to put the platy in so we don't end up having more babies!

Yep, I took the other fish out and left the babies in the set up tank that they were born in. After realizing that I couldn't find my tropical fish flakes, I went and bought some and crushed them between my fingers. Boy oh boy, did they enjoy themselves! They are FAST and feisty! Oh, there are about 16-20 babies!

Thank you much for your help! :D

08-05-2006, 12:39 PM
Happy everthing is working out. :D You will have to take pics