View Full Version : A normal outing? No, never! :D

07-30-2006, 01:35 AM
Troy and I went to PetsMart, today, to get gerbil supplies (A better habitat, more dust bath[vanilla bean scented!], another mineral/salt chew, etc).

A local foster lady had three dogs up there today. A rat terrier, a black lab mix, and a Shepherd mix. I went up and held my hand at the door and the Shepherd shook. The labby girl just kind of gazed into my eyes and then stared off out the window when she realized that I wasn't bringing her with me. The rat terrier girl cried and cried and cried when I walked back to talk to their foster mom.

We chatted and I commented on (something that I read another PT wrote, I think) how they get that certain look after they'd been there a few times and she nodded and said yeah that she'd had the labby girl since she was nine weeks old and that had been (I forgot what the exact time was) between 6-9 months ago. The shepherd girl had been rescued from wandering up and down Market Street (one over from the one we live on) where she was almost hit by a car. I had to tell the rat terrier (who looked ever so hopeful :( ) that her new parents would come one day, I wish it was me but I am not in the position to bring in another fur baby at the moment, and she cried.

So, we bought a thing of bacon and cheese Gnawsomes and I gave half the can to the lady for those babies (She insisted on not taking any more! :p ).

I feel like I could have done more! I don't know. I just thought I'd share my day with you all! :)

07-30-2006, 01:39 AM
you did great sweets. no where near the people who walk in, turning their noses up, not giving a second look or thought to those poor babies. someone will take them soon! remember the starfish story? you can save at least one, and you have gone way out of your way to do more than just that. thats what makes you such an awesome person.
love ya, kid!