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07-24-2006, 02:16 PM
Stephanie (Jesse_3) can not come on to PT and asked me to post this.

Her dog Jemi is pooping and peeing in the house multiple times per day and her parents have had enough. They said she has about 2 days to figure something out, or the dog is gone. She tried keeping her on a leash but her sisters refuse to cooperate, she is standing alone on this one. She also poops in her kennel.

Any advice would be helpful...

07-24-2006, 02:24 PM
I remember her telling me about this. I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I'll send good thoughts her way. Poor Steph. :(

07-24-2006, 02:40 PM
how old is Jemi?

07-24-2006, 02:41 PM
how old is Jemi?

She's about a year old.

07-24-2006, 03:03 PM
oh okay. well, you guys haven't had her that long if I remember? is she housetrained at all? sometimes it takes awhile for a dog to adjust to new surroundings and house training takes awhile, too.

here's a link I found that may help :)


I really hope your parents give sweet Jemi a chance, 2 days isn't nearly enough to have her housetrained properly. :(

07-24-2006, 03:25 PM
Here is a good link to a group of excellent doggie trainers. I am sure you can get some awesome advice there. I do know the first thing they will say is to start feeding the dog its meals in its crate. I dog will not soil its eating area.


07-24-2006, 03:41 PM
She needs to start from sctrach - take her out ten minutes after she eats, and walk her until she poops, then praise like crazy. Why does she need her sister's cooperation? Is she not home all the time, now that it is summer? Take Jemi on a long walk several times a day, especially in the morning very first thing, after eating - is she fed more than once a day? And again before bed time. Do NOT feed her snacks after her evening meal, but do walk her until she "goes" once again before bedtime.

this is either a matter of training, if she's never been completely housebroken, or a veterinary concern, if she has been and suddenly restarted. Could there be something wrong, medically?

07-24-2006, 04:50 PM
Steph told me that she took Jemi' to the vets before. I don't really know what came out of that.

07-24-2006, 05:01 PM
I will have to ask her these questions, I only know what she told me. Yes she did take Jemi to a vet and they did some tests. That is all I know about that. As far as her being home all day, I would really have to ask her that. I told her about the one website, and she was thankful. When I call her again I'll ask her these questions. Thanks so much PT!

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07-24-2006, 06:23 PM
Aww, poor Steph!! I wish I could take Jemi and housebreak her if she can't fingure something out...since we only live a few miles away, but I doubt my parents would go for that. I hope she can figure something out!

I've never been to Steph's place before, does she have hard floors anywhere?? So it wouldn't be such a mess if Jemi went on the carpet?? Maybe if she kept Jemi where it wasn't so hard to clean up and stuff, until she was house broken that would work....? :confused: I'm not sure what to do, I've never had a problem with it before.

07-24-2006, 06:48 PM
Hey PT'ers, thanks for all the advice...No I am not home all the time. When I am, of course I watch her, and I try to keep within my sight, or on a leash (suggested by Karen before, thank you), but then my sister want to play with her, and don't watch her as well. I try to watch her, but it only takes her a few seconds to go.

I did take her to the vet, and they did testing, but nothing came up. She was perfectly healthy, and just needed to gain maybe three pounds. (She has now gained that)

She was housebroken before we got her. At least that is what I was told. My friend (who has now moved away) was so excited I could take her, because I would give her a good home. She said she was house trained and kennel trained, but she started out whining in her crate at night to the point where I slept on the floor, with my fingers and hand in her crate. She still whines for about two hours when we all try to go to bed, but it keeps getting better.

Beth, thanks for the idea of keeping her on a hard floor.My whole basement is cement right now, so that is big enough to play and run around in. It will be hard to keep her down here though, because she can jump over child gates, and we don't have a door to close to trap her. I'll try to keep her in the basement.
Danielle, thanks for answering a couple of questions for me! I appreciate that!
Thanks for the websites Aurie(and the great advice) and luvofallhorses...Thanks Karen for the advice also!

She doesn't have to be fully trained, just I need a plan that will work. I am going to do everything I can PT'ers. I really am going to try. I don't know if I will be able to come online anymore than tonight though. I am really upset with this whole thing, and well, I need to be with Jemi' if I am going to get anything done.

I hope I answered a couple of the questions that were asked. If anything, Rachel will get ahold of me, and ask me these questions...It is easier to walk around and watch her on the phone then being online.

Thank PT'ers, I really appreciate all of this. It means a lot to me! Also Rachel, thanks for getting me ahead a day on trying to training her..
Steph and Jemi'