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Aspen and Misty
05-18-2002, 08:19 PM
I was wondering if ayone knew how to keep a coyote entertained. We give her toys and she has a pretty big cage for her to move around in. She will be getting a new cage soon but the Fox's and Skunk's need one first cause there are alot of them in a small area. Any suggestins would be welcome. She is pretty much like a dog (likes things dogs like). If you could even post your dogs faviorite toys. O I also wanted to say Lady is NOT a pet. (don't want you getting the wrong idea)

05-18-2002, 08:38 PM
Tell us more!! How did Lady come to be a part of your family? Are you caring for it? Was it injured? We have a lot of Coyotes here too, though none domesticated to my knowledge. Have you ever had a dog? All dogs like chew toys, stuffed toys, fetch toys etc. Not sure how much interaction you have with Lady though. More info!:)

Aspen and Misty
05-18-2002, 09:03 PM
I work at a wildlife refuge in Mifflinburg PA. It is called T&D'S Cats of the world. We have over 100 abused mistreated or unwanted aniamls. Lady is just one of many. We manly have Lions and Siberian tigers (1 white one) I am only aloud to get about 5 feet from her cage and have only been within touching distance once. She come to T&'Ds because some selfish (sorry this makes me so mad) family decided to get there 5 year old a coyote. Well she didn't get along with the child. They kept her locked up constantly and never let her romp. She got to go out to the bathrom but that was about all the time she had out. Then the family had a baby and decided they no longer could care for Lady any more and gave her to T&D's. She is so buightifull. She doesn't like people but for some reason me and her seem to click. When I walk up to her cage she will come runing up and press against it to be petted. Unfortunitly they won't let me pet any aniamls but the deer and the goats becasue alot of people only volenteer to pet the aniamls and not to work. So they don't let the vloenteers pet any aniamls untill they have proven that they wanna work there not pet the animals. Which is fine with me just being in there precence is enough for me. Lady knows how to catch food in her mouth and it is one of our favirite past times. They have tours at the moment and I work in the gift shop right next to the deer and Lady. I spend most of my my time out playing catch with her, she loves her dog food. Because dog food is a "special" treat it makes her even more exited. To all of you out ther do not EVER EVER get a wild animal as a pet it brings tears to my eyes everytime I see her because her life has been ruined by people. Sorry once you get me started talking about her, I can't shut up. :D . I have had other dogs infact I will be training a puppy for the blind this summer. (can't wait!) If you have any more questions please ask. I am willing ot answer and tlak about them for hours!