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05-14-2002, 04:00 PM
Well I'm home alone right now (as I am every day until about 4:00) and it's really hot outside. We have no doggy door, but we have a sliding glass door and a fenced yard. So in the spring/summer, since the dogs want out so much, I have a tendency to just open the door a bit and leave it open. Well I opened the door around 2:20 and it's now 3:00. I've been on the net the whole time. I just went outside to check the mail and there was Reggie sitting on the front porch! Hmm that was a bit shocking, lol. I'm glad Smokey was still inside, because if it was him that discovered the open gate, he would have been long gone. That old dog can run!! So I don't know if Reggie's been wandering around our neighborhood this entire time..that's a bit frightening. At least we don't live on a real busy street, but there is still cars. Well, he's a good pup though, at least he was just sitting there waiting for me to let him in the front way lol.

05-14-2002, 10:11 PM
oh thank god they're o.k.....
with all the sad news thats' been in our community this week....i almost didn't want to finish reading yours....
i had to get a chain and locks for my gates...as i sit on the back patio early in the a.m. with my coffee and delilah...i didn't realize sometimes... that somebody had opened my gates during the night...deli never noticed when i found them open (thank god)...but i bolted them just to prevent this again....now you have to have a key to unlock them....

i am so glad reggie is such agood boy....and smokey too!!!!!

05-15-2002, 07:13 AM
I'm so glad neither one was hurt or anything!

I had a similiar experience with Angus & Keisha. I was mowing the grass and I thought I closed the gate. So I mowed the front yard and as I came around back, I seen the gate open and thought OMG I know Keisha's gone (she'd run forever if you'd let her!) but ya know, they were just both laying by the gate watching me! I still can't believe it to this day!

05-15-2002, 10:27 AM
Glad everyone is OK!

05-15-2002, 11:00 AM
Kia did the same thing! It's how we discovered she can jump fences.

She was in a fenced backyard when there was a knock on the front door. We were at a friends house and his neighbor wanted to know if that was his dog, and pointed to Kia who was standing in the front yard. :eek:

She came running up when she saw me, all excited while I grew yet more gray hairs. ;) :rolleyes:

Glad your pups are okay!

05-15-2002, 04:48 PM
LOL Amy.. Reggie's a "houndini" ;) - Rachel