View Full Version : Mast cell tumour

06-19-2006, 01:15 PM
We're in shock as our 8 -1/2 year old Pembrokeshire corgi has been diagnosed with an ulcerated mast cell tumour in her stomach - this comes out of the blue although looking back we can see some of the symptoms [loss of appetite, depression] developing over the last two months. Two years ago she developed what the one vet decided was a fatty tumour and he ignored it - although I think he aspirated it. Last summer, when it had developed to a point where she looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame, his new partner on first seeing our dog announced it had to be removed immediately. The official verdict was that it was "only a fatty tumour". I am now very suspicious as what I've read about MCT, they usually manifest themselves on the surface. Once they move inside, then it's lethal.
Has anyone else experienced such a misdiagnosis? I know that they never sent a sample to the path lab.