View Full Version : Another airshow?

06-16-2006, 01:48 AM

Sadly, after 43 years the airshow up the street is over. :(


It was a wonderful run with alot of memories for me. I am developing the pics and will post them (got some GREAT pics of the Bud Clydesdale horses!)

two things I will remember about this one..

A small Vietnamese woman asked my friend to take her picture next to a jet.

I told my friend afterwards...this might have been a plane that once bombed her country! :eek:

Later two men asked me to take their picture next to a Russian MIG.

One held his hand over his heart and made a sad face.

I didn't catch it that they were both young Russian men...

As I got the "joke" I told them "I bet you never expected to see a Russian jet on the ground here in the U.S....."

They laughed, thanked us and went on their way.

We spent so many years fighting, mistrusting, hating and killing each other-

Just to meet on a small airfield in Southern California to admire the things that kept us apart for so long. :confused: