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05-12-2002, 10:21 PM
I was thinking about my pets at the Rainbow Bridge and how I miss them. It made me wonder how many pets all of us have had in our lifetime, so I thought I would ask. We aren't talking age (yours) just how many pets.

I have adored and spoiled in my lifetime:

DUTCHESS: Black Miniature poodle - Female
SUGAR: White Long Haired Cat - Male
PATCHES: Calico Girl
MAGIC: Black Long Haired Cat - Male


RASCAL: Orange Tabby - Male

05-12-2002, 10:53 PM
wow!!!long list ahead!!!!!
do i have to name ALL of the fish?????7 tanks when i was a kid???

i'll start with the 4 leggers....

Scrubber...border collie/shepherd mix..rescued...19 when he went to The Bridge
Ben...blue tick hound...rescue ...12 years

macho...blk.cat rescue
ricki....machos' sister rescue
pudgie....brain damage kitty...mother thrown from speeding car..1 night befoe giving birth to pudgie....pudge lived to be 18
all of my barn kitties were rescues...i've probably had 40 in my life...when i needed good mousers i went to the pound...adopted them,had them fixed then they lived in our stables...

i also had my siamese... Kitty...for 15 or 16 years when i was a kid...and tom...our outdoor tomcat....

other dogs of mine.......
tarkus...irish setter from pound
weasle....std. poodle...man giving him away in k-mart parking lot
Taffy...corgi...runt of litter...got from pound
sophie....was a gift...brought over from england
mitzi...blk. standard poodle....brought over from england....
william...english setter
valentino...english setter

other animals:
teebo...ring tail monkey....didn't like his treatment where he was in a pet store...so we bought him
ringo...a canary

numerous turtles

karat de valoir

jees....i hope that i didn't forget anyone!!!!
and trust me i'm not that old!!! i just had multiples!!!

05-12-2002, 10:55 PM
What a question, Gini! There are so many special ones, aren't there?

Tigger - a great big yellow tabby that lived for 18 years :)
Belle - a wonderful loveable Pointer for 15 years :)
Ben - the English Bulldog that I will always love - 12 years
Shrimp Boat - my darling "first" cat of my adult life - 7 year :(
Kaycee - Helen and I adopted her at 7 yrs old. She was 12 when we lost her :(
Chuck - our darling yellow Lab - 15 years

There were others from when I was much younger....Sput, Tinkerbell and Sleepy Petunia, all died before I was 5, but I remember them fondly :) And numerous hamsters including Buffy, Sam and of course, Rusty, Evelyn and Phoebe, all at the Rainbow Bridge

And now, I have a huge crew of loving animals!! :)
The Golden Girls, Honey and Lilly
Mimi, the queen of this house
Butter, who keeps us hopping
Roger and Milly, our feathered comedians
Olivia - our sweet little girl hamster

05-12-2002, 11:14 PM
By the size of the other posts, I am a novice.

At the Rainbow Bridge, I have 3 dogs (Becky, Ashes, and Blacky), 1 hamster, and 1 parakeet.

Presently, I have 3 dogs (Eli, Sassee, and Ginger), and 4 cats (Jackson, Rosie, Twidgit, and Ashton).

Former User
05-13-2002, 01:50 AM
Ok, we had few pets while I was growing...
English springer spaniel
1 grey tabby (I don't remember so much of these two, I was young (about 3) when they died, but I remember I loved both of them a lot, even slept on the floor with the dog when she was ill...
Then we have had few mixed breed dogs, and my first own pet, dog, mix breed, Nappe who lived only to be 5 years due to an illness.
For few years I didn't have any pets....

Now with my husband we have two very adorable cats, whom we love very much, and woulnd't change them for anything!

05-13-2002, 02:56 AM
Since I was a little child , I've had so many cats !!!! But as we lived so close to a busy road , they usually only lived about 2 years ...! As for there names : most of them where called Poesje (dutch) , one was Twist , another one Kloefke ...
Now we have a black cat , named Sydney and a bunnie named Billie (see avatar !!)
And last but not least : we have at least 100 fish in our pond : goldfish , koi , sturgeon , and ides (golden and blue ones) , shubunkin and ghost koi's ! that 's it !!!

05-13-2002, 03:57 AM
I've had cats most of my life. We found our first one when I was about 5 years old.

Miciona - she lived to about 12 years of age. She died of cancer
Titti - she went to the RB due to old age. She was 18
Gigio - He went to the bridge last September, he was 19.

Currently I have the pleasure to share my life with Maya (5 years), Prema (4 years old) and Foxy, the baby of the family (almost 10 months old).

Apparently I had some birds and goldfish when I was very young but unfortunately I can't remember them :(

05-13-2002, 06:58 AM
My childhood pets:
FLUFFY (female, Eskimo spitz) my first childhood dog that I can remember. She died when I was 8 years old.
LADDIE (male, Heinz 57 variety dog :) ) My parents allowed me to pick him out myself at the pound when I was only 9 yrs. old. He lived to be 14.

My adult furkids at the Rainbow Bridge:
PEACHES (female, apricot toy poodle)
PUMPKIN (male, apricot toy poodle)
ASHLEY (female, silver miniature poodle)
WHITNEY (female, black standard poodle)

My current three little ones!
BELLA (female, white standard poodle)
TREVOR (male, BIG orange tabby cat) The first cat I ever had!
ANDY (male, white cat) My very affectionate little boy!

05-13-2002, 07:03 AM

- couple of hamster(like 4 or 5) dont remember the names!
- german sheperd mixed dog named Rex
- grey tabbycat named Minou
- hamster named Milo
- maine coon cat named Zap
- (couple of stray cats...)

i loved Zap............

05-13-2002, 03:47 PM
I too have had only a few pets somparitively:
Former pets:

Mickey (a Weimie mix) and Simon (terrier mix): 2 dogs my parents had before I was born. Unfortunely when my brother came along 2 years later my dad was working 2 jobs and mom just couldn't handle 2 small children and 2 dogs so they had to get rid of the dogs :(

2 snails: a girl scout project when I was in grade school...

An untold # of fish raning from goldfish to gourimis to mollies to a Mud Puppy


Oreo: 12 1 /2 yr old beagle /poodle mix who lives with my parents

5 yr old Kissing Gourimi
4 1/2 yr ols long-fin Danio
3 year old Plecto

Sadie: 1 1/2 Black Lab/dalmation mix
Cincy :7 month old Blck Lab mix

Sam's My Baby
05-13-2002, 05:33 PM
I have owned quite a few pets in my life:

Little black feild mouse (dont remember its name, I was too young)
Blue parakeet (don't remember its name, I was too young)
Green parakeet named Cricket
2nd Blue parakeet named FeFe
Hamster named Smokey
Rabbit named Snowball
Pit bull named Tabby (only had her for a few days :()

Pets I have now are:
Muscovy duck- Scruffy
Gerbil, Sam
2 Zebra finches, Mr.and Mrs.Tweety

05-13-2002, 06:58 PM
Boots - Boston Terrier- female
Snowball - Beautiful white male cat - rescue
Squeeky - male Guinea Pig
Baby - female Hamster
Tinker - female Cocker Spaniel


Captain - My big beautiful 28 pounder male tabby
Toby - male orange & white long hair cat - rescue
Squirty-bums - My little white & grey female kitty - rescue
Mittens - Black & white male cat - rescue
C-Fer - my big gorgeous 24 pounder male, grey angora cat
Scooter- My precious little male tabby with white- rescue, who just passed away at the young age of 1 year in february of this year.
Stinky - Ferret - rescue
My thoughts and memories will always be with them.


Buddy - 10 year old male Lhasa Apso - rescue
Katie- My 10 year old pretty lady - tabby - rescue

05-13-2002, 09:00 PM
Well I have had a lot of pets. Here are the ones I can remember. (This is not counting fish because I have had somany I can't even remember when I them.

Whiskers- female orange tabby cat!
Lion- male black tabby cat
Tiger- female gray tabby cat
Bear-male gray tabby cat
Batman-male black tabby cat and twin sister Midnight 1 female black tabby cat
Midnight 2-female black tabby cat
Tigger-male gray tabby cat
Daisy- beautiful female gray and orange tabby cat.
Cloey-(Newest addition) female white and gray mystery breed cat.
Misty-female Chihuahua/terrier yellow dog
Friskers-female gray rat
Cocoa 1-female brown-hooded rat
Stormy-male gray lab rat
Cocoa 2-female brown-hooded fancy rat
Ki Ki-female gray fancy rat

Now the only pets that are living with me today are Misty, Midnight 2, Cloey, Cocoa2 and Ki Ki.

05-14-2002, 01:43 PM
RB Babies
Tom - tux kitty, 8 yrs
Max - blk manx kitty, 5yrs
ButterScotch - cocker spaniel, 15yrs
Persnickity & Velvet - mice, 2yrs
Tucker - blk. gerbil, 3yrs
Boo - blk. gerbil, 4 mnths
Jackie - 'tiel, 5yrs
Gertie the Dirtie Birdie - parakeet, 6yrs
Prince Charming I,II, & III - frogs
many fish

Family Members
Sara - brindle boxer, 3yrs
Tinker - siamese/fence jumper, 8yrs
Clarice - siamese/tabby, 10 yrs
Oreo - gerbil, 2yrs
many fish

Honorary Family Member
Skip's Adventure aka Mortimer - QH, 25yr

...and the QuEeN of Parsley Herself...
SoPhIe BuNnIe!!

05-14-2002, 01:50 PM
Zippy Kat, love the poem at the end of your last reply!

05-14-2002, 01:58 PM
My childhood pets...

Snuffy-Water Spaniel mix who always licked away my tears
Fluffy-Westie/Cocker mix
Blackie-Lab mix
Mittens-my first kitty. Thank you for being there when they tied my tooth to the door knob!:eek:
Hambone-my 2nd kitty who lived to be 21!
Snowball-All white/blue eyed kitty
Mitzy-Grey Tabby
Ginger-Ginger girl
Colorado Kitty-Grey Tabby
Fifi-Albino Hammie
Slither-Garter snake
Bobby-Blue parakeet
Lou Lou & Pinkie-Box turtles
Assorted fishies, all of whom received proper burials

Rainbow Bridge-Gone but not forgotten

Fritzy-My first kitty when married. The best boy
Francesca, a.k.a Chessa Bella-my gorgeous torti girl
Satin, a.k.a, Tina, a.k.a Tuna-My sweet 3 legged calico rescue
Elizabeth, a.ka. "Lizzie," my tiny sewer drain resuce. She lived until last Christmas, age 21
Jingles, my yellow Lab resuce, my dog of a lifetime, the best dog that ever lived
Sensai, my gorgeous Shibumi
Ying and Yang, my red and blue Bettas
Danios galore

Current Crew

Star***Shine, my yellow Labbie girl
Cody, my Husky/Shep resuce
Buddy, my gentle giant DLH rescue
Oliver, precious Oliver, my Maine Coon/Persian rescue
Squeekers, my first piggie
Moonbeam, my most recent addition and Squeekers "bride!":D
And Blackie, our precious Chihuahua PawPal. Although he doesn't live in our home, he lives in our hearts

05-14-2002, 04:50 PM
I have had so many I don't think I can remember them all. Most were stolen from me:( . I have not had any pets hit by cars though thank goodness. Here is my list. I do not know if some of them are alive or not but I pray and hope that they are.

Tess~ first dog I had. I was only three years old but I still remember her. After my parents got a divorce we had to give her up.:( She was an Alaskan malamute/german shepherd dog mix. Once when someone was trying to brake into our neighbors house our dog jumped through our BRICK FENCE! and cornered the theif on the roof until the police came.:D

One hamster that I had when I was younger. It was a teddy bear hamster. I do not remember it's name. He got murdered though by some girl who lived down the street. She broke into our house and killed him then put him in the alley behind a trashcan. For a whole week I kept on asking my mommy where my hammy was and we couldn't find him. Then I went to go downstairs and play and I found him. It was very sad!:( I hope he is having fun playing with all the hammys in the rainbow bridge.

Numerous cockateils and parakeets as we used to breed them. One, Pancha~ a piebald female with only one eye (she was a rescue) was my favorite. She was so sweet and would always give kisses. She was really funny because she used to hide under the couch and lay eggs. She thought this was her nest and everytime someone would walk by the couch she would run out with her wings in the air and hiss. She was so funny!

Then there is Blacky, my Maine Coon black cat who just turned 13 on Easter. I rescued him on Easter along with his three siblings. I found them in the park and carried them home. He was the only one out of the litter that survived because my moms ex boyfriend killed the others. He also stabbed out male cockateil with a fork. He is now in prison. THe reason why Blacky survived was because he hid behind the stove. He is on medicine everyday because he has thyroid disease.

Then there was Wacko. She was a calico cat that we got from the crazy guy across the street. She gave birth to Ickeris who we still have. Ickeris is so fluffy and overweight. She has a heart problem that makes her not able to loose weight.

Orangie~a orange and white DSH I rescued off the street when he was just a kitten. He was born with only half his brain and with his hips fused together. He was he coolest cat ever. He would go to the beach with us, the park, loved riding in the car, and we would even take him for icecream at Baskin Robins.

Nala~ DSH female I rescued from this lady. She was a dilute calico. Poor kitten was five months old when I got her and only weighed a half a pound because the lady she lived with had two huge Rotties that would torment the kitten, which made her afraid to come out and eat.

Jasper~DSH orange male cat. He was stolen along with about five other orange cats in our neighborhood.

Will write more on another page.

05-14-2002, 05:20 PM
Angel~ Jaspers sister. She was a black and brown DSH. She got stolen from us and about three months later I found out that she lived right down the street. We ended up getting her back.

Simba~ Maincoon orange male. This guy weighed in at 33 pounds. He is huge.

Houdini~F2 Bengal cat. She is the sweetest thing and my boy loves to watch her. Current pet.

Mystic~ bengal male, son of Houdini. Current pet.

Cheetah~Houdinis daughter and Mysics sister. Also a Bengal. Current pet.

TinTin~ Houdinis son and Mystic and Cheetahs bro. All he does is meow! Current pet.

Then there are my 23 rats. One double velveteen dumbo beige boy, my dumbo champaign boy, my silver black ,my silver black blazed dumbo, my lightening bolt blazed rex husky doe who is a dumbo, my blue dumbo rex doe, my black rex buck, my agouti double rex buck, my topaz buck, my topaz doe, my split capped odd eye triamese doe, my seal point siamese doe, my blue berkshire doe, my silver black american irish doe, my nude hairless one eyed doe and her three babies, my seal point siamese buck, my blazed seal point siamese buck, my black and white blazed buck, my two half masked bucks. I think that is it. All are current pets.

My rock cavie who died of diabetes. He didn't have a name. I am getting a female next week.

My four degus. Current pets.

My gerbils. I had four but one died and then I just gave the other three to a new home.

My rainbow bridge hedgehog Speedy.

My current hedgie Guiness.

My rainbow bridge parakeets Tweety and Snowflake. An albino and all yellow. Passed away three weeks ago. :(

My current Bourkes Australian Grass Parakeets. Both sweeties.

My pink white Chinchilla named Chinchilly Willy. He is still living with us.

My white spot gecko who is still here.

My two firebellied newts that are still here.

Lucy~a California Desert Touroise that we rescued form a tourtoise rescue in 29 Palms CA.

several fish I have had. Still have a goldfish though.

Had a ferret.

My beloved Pooka dog. She was a terrier chihuahua mix I got from the shelter. She was stolen off our front porch along with our neighbors Chi the same month. I love you Pooka where ever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You will always be in my heart.

Wolfy and Tess~ brother and sister golden/chow/german shepard/akita mix dogs.

I have had bunnies and have two guinea pigs now. I have had snakes. Two many other things. I do wildlife rehab and exotic animal rescue so I have had many unique critters including two screech owls, opposums, racoons, goslings, sucks you name it.

Out of all the animals I have ever had Pooka is my fav and I hope to be reunited with her someday whether in death or life.

P.S you can see Mystic, Cheetah, Houdini, my prakeets, my hedghog and guine pig in my avitar along with my son Dylan. Sorry if I forgot anything.

05-14-2002, 05:21 PM
My most recent rescue, a jay bird.

05-15-2002, 07:46 AM
In my lifetime-lets see....

Fifi~a poodle

Fifi 2~another poodle

Afra~a poodle

Dutchess~a poodle (do you see a trend here? my mom loved poodles.) Those were dogs we had while I was home
Since I've been married we've had:

Keisha~Chow Chow



Roxey~Siberian Husky

05-15-2002, 11:33 AM
Childhood animals

Lassie - collie (yeah, original name:D ). She was an outside dog and bit my cousin and "ran away" shortly thereafter.

Fluffy - my black and white cat. She ran away while we were on vacation in New York. (Parents swore this one actually did run away).

Had one cat but I don't remember its name. Didn't have it for long. It would have seizures and one day died during one.

Teddy - shepherd mix. He was actually my brothers. He wasn't allowed inside. He ran away in the middle of the night one night. He was about six months old.

Mandy - black lab mix. Brought her home from vacation in New York. We had her about six months before she escaped out the front door, ran into the street and was hit and killed.

Lucky - black lab. We had him about four years before he ran out onto the road and was hit and killed in front of our house.

Lucky 2 - black lab mix rescued from the Humane Society. Had him about two years before he ran out on the road and was hit and killed. Can you tell we live on a very busy road?

Star - black lab. She was 12 when she had to be put down. She was full of cancer. My parents were actually able to teach her not to run when the front door opened.

Romeo & Juliet - hamsters.

Fishes, don't know how many.

Adult animals

Bandit - black and white bunny. She was eight when she died of natural causes.

Kilo - Rotty. He was almost eight when he had to be put down. He was my baby. While we love all our animals dearly, there is one that we seem to have a special bond with and he was the one for me. No animal will ever take his place.

Misty - cat. She was eight when I lost her to kidney failure. She was being abused by our neighbors when she was a kitten, so we walked over, picked her up, looked at them and said you don't deserve her. She was with me and loved the rest of her life.

Fawn - cat, misty's son. (Misty was spayed as soon as she was able to be after her litter.) We still have him. He'll be seven in August.

Sammy - Iguana. We had to find a new home for him when I got pregnant in 1996. We heard that they carried salimenella (i know that's spelled wrong) and we dind't want to take any chances. We kept in touch with his owners. He died of a broken heart when his new owner left for college and he had to stay back here.

Dakota - husky. We got him from a breeder in 1996. He keeps it lively around here!!! He'll be six on May 25.

Patience - shepherd. We found her running down a back road. She required a lot of work and patience but it was well worth it. I am so glad we found each other!!!

A fish named Beta. He lived about two years.

Toona Town, a hermit crab that lived about two days. (You don't want to know)

Baby - hamster. We still have her, along with her babies,
Furball, Hailey. Her other baby, Little Miss Shaky, , is at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rebel - 10 yr. old quarter horse. (just turned 10 on 5/5.)

Yankee - 17 yr. Arab. (He'll be 18 on 6/28)

Well, that's my list. When I think of them, they all bring a smile to my face. Each one holds a special place in my heart.

05-15-2002, 11:51 AM
Originally posted by anna_66
[B][B]In my lifetime-lets see....

Fifi~a poodle

Fifi 2~another poodle

Afra~a poodle

Dutchess~a poodle (do you see a trend here? my mom loved poodles.) ]

Ann, you and my daughter could start a club....... the "My Mom Had only Poodles Club!" She would only be able to post poodles as her childhood dogs too! Your dogs were BEAUTIFUL and that's a great picture of you and your mom. My daughter is married and currently has a cat. In time she will get a dog but I don't think it will be a poodle. Her hubby likes Huskies (just like your Roxey) and also Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas! How's that for a mix! :D

05-15-2002, 12:13 PM
I can't believe I forgot some pets! All the mice I have ever had including the one that just passed away last night.:(

My egyptian spiny mice, my praying mantis, my hissing cockroaches, my walking sticks, and of course Lucky~my reincarnated cat. Oh and Max, my german shephard corgie mix, he he.

05-15-2002, 07:30 PM
Originally posted by Pam

Ann, you and my daughter could start a club....... the "My Mom Had only Poodles Club!" She would only be able to post poodles as her childhood dogs too! Your dogs were BEAUTIFUL and that's a great picture of you and your mom. My daughter is married and currently has a cat. In time she will get a dog but I don't think it will be a poodle. Her hubby likes Huskies (just like your Roxey) and also Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas! How's that for a mix! :D

Ya! I understand not wanting one too (we had so many when I was young!). For now, I like the BIG DOGS!, but maby when I'm older, and don't want to have big ones, I'd like to have a silky terrier, a lap dog! Crazy right?!
Oh, one more thing, my mom had one more poodle, her name was Ginger, one of the best dogs, you just had to look at her and she knew what you wanted! But sadly, she died. Of a broken heart we think, my mom went to her moms when she was in the hospital and left her with my dad. He came home one day and she was gone. Mom said the day she left, she gave her this look, like please don't leave me. Guess she just couldn't handle it, because there was nothing else wrong with her. I thought I'd show you a pic:
My mom and one of her great loves!

05-15-2002, 07:40 PM
Anna, that's a great picture of Ginger. I can relate to losing a pet without warning. My Whitney died one day while we were all at work. She hadn't been ill at all and the vet said it was most likely a heart attack. Your mom must have been devastated. What horrible news to come home to. Does she have a poodle living with her now?

05-15-2002, 08:07 PM
The only pet I've had in my life.. that I lost.. would be Benny. He was a labrador retriever/beagle mix. He lived for 17 or 18 years before we had to put him down in 1998. I still miss that dog like crazy. He will always be in my heart, and I'll never forget him. I hope to name my mutt after him.. if I do.. if a Golden Retriever.. then it's Ben :) - Rachel

05-15-2002, 09:05 PM
Originally posted by Pam
I can relate to losing a pet without warning. My Whitney died one day while we were all at work. She hadn't been ill at all and the vet said it was most likely a heart attack.

Does she have a poodle living with her now?

Pam, I'm so sorry to hear about Whitney. It would be so terrible to come home to something like that, that's why I'm glad I was with Keisha when she died.

And no, no poodle yet! She did try it out with a male poodle, but Cujo-her Rottie and him didn't hit it off very well. The poodle tried to go after him! What a sight that must have been! Maby one of these days! Maby I should just get her one and maby it would be easier for her (what a good thought I just had!).

05-16-2002, 02:08 PM
Childhood pets:

Peaches- toy poodle
Pumpkin- toy poodle
Ashley- mini poodle
Whitney- standard poodle
Trevor-fat cat
Andy- angel cat

Kramer- sand gecko

Adult pets:

Gabriel- Ragdoll cat

Future pets: maybe a papillon, chihuahua, bernese mountain dog (my husband likes), husky, golden...not all of these, obviously, but we like these breeds.

05-16-2002, 06:20 PM
Wow!! Such wonderful memories of our beloved Pets of the Past! Compared to everyone here, I'm definitely a novice! LOL LOL
The pets that I've had in my lifetime (mostly childhood) include:
Dynamite - 1st teddybear hamster
Sam - 2nd teddybear hamster
Henry - golden hamster
Tank full of fish - guppies, neon tetras, black mollys, and algae eaters
Kitty - petite long haired calico cat
Winston - large ginger tabby. Died mysteriously one morning after having what seemed to be a seizure. He was around 7 yrs old:(
Misty - American Eskimo (spitz) mix dog. She was the best dog. You can read more about her and other rainbow bridge pets here. (http://petoftheday.com/talk/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9454&highlight=Rainbow+Bridge+Pets) She lived to be 15, and went to the rainbow bridge right before my wedding in 1999:( I still miss her. She was the best dog!!

Current kids include:
Crookshanks (well...sorta)

Hopefully there is a canine furkid to join my current ones in the future! I just have to get a job where I have more time at home....someday....:rolleyes:

12-29-2012, 06:45 AM
>First love ... Tobey ... German Shepherd
>Major ... Large collie
>Charcko .... Dark Siamese cat
>Calico ... calico cat :) Hey I was 4 yrs.
>Bridgette ... Cairn Terrier
>Tarzan ... hamster
>Snowy & Buns ... rabbits ... Buns was rescued from a person keeping him in a small bird cage?! :(
>Rocko ... Cocker Spaniel/Fox terrier mix ... he got me through the hardest times!! Miss him!! :love:
>Spick & Span ... Bourke Parakeets
>Jazzy & Max ... Grey & orange striped cats
>Sheba ... Black cat
>Jazzy #2 Chinchilla Angora grey cat
>Snowball ... hamster
>Tweety ... Rescued budgie bird ... daughters best friend!!
>Buzz ... another rescued budgie
>Cookie ... beautiful love bird
>Peach & Mario ... Russian dwarf hamsters ...They were supposed to be 2 females but ended up with 3 babies that didn't live long. :( Never trust pet stores with knowledge!! Bought another cage and everyone happy.
>Rocky & Princess ... Guinea Pigs ... both males but Princess was a white fluffy male ... just didn't tell my daughter. :D
>Sandy ... Gerbil
>Atlas, ?,? ... 3 small turtles ... sons pets ... forget names ... they kept changing anyways!
>Cody ... beautiful puppy we had a week ... ended up being a larger dog than promised and not allowed in condo! :( Found him a home in country ... he's now a big white puffy dog and best friends with a Mastiff!!
So then I had to get my kids a new pet so my son has....
>Spike, Guya & Carlos ... beautiful Uromastyx lizards ... orange, grey & yellow.
Daughter had...
>Betty & Veronica ... Guinea Pigs ... now passed away so ....
Waiting for daughters new baby ....
>Kirby ... Rosy Bourke Parakeet
We have always have had a large fish tank with gold fish or tropical ... A fish tank has always brightened up our living room!! ...Over 40 years of fish!! :D
We love animals and critters!! :love: All our photo albums are full of little friends we found and admired and let go ... frogs, snakes, butterflies, preying mantis's, turtles, baby ducks, salamanders, crabs, etc. etc. :love::love: