View Full Version : Freaking out over airplane reservations. PLEASE, advice. **UPDATED**

06-12-2006, 09:43 PM
Okay. I'll give you the story and maybe you could offer some advice?

I am flying with America West from Dallas to Las Vegas on July 15. I will stay over night. On July 16, I will be flying with Alaska Airlines(as it will be for the remainder of the trip.) from Vegas to Portland, Oregon and from Portland to Pendleton, Oregon. I will be staying in Pendleton until July 24 and then I will fly from Pendleton to Dallas (Texas). I called Alaska to confirm that I will have two puppies in one crate from Vegas to Pendleton and the remainder of the trip will only have one. I called to do this because I was informed by my grandma via my mom that one of people she talked to at Alaska told her that if somebody else had an animal of any sort in the cabin then she wouldn't be able to. I was calling to reserve and prevent that from happening. The guy I talked to was rude and incompetent. He told me that I wouldn't be flying with them from Pendleton to Dallas (Which, in fact, I WILL. I have two itinerary copies confirming that.). I just let that go for the time being. He said that I have two options; I can fly one below and one with me or both of them below. I asked if that was even *safe* (At this point, he knew that they will be young and small CHIHUAHUA puppies.). He proceeded to say,"....Uh, yeah." and started to laugh at me for a few minutes. He then told me that my kennel would be too small to fly in cargo and the cargo crate that I could get would be too big to fly in the cabin! I told him that I had gotten my crate from another company as it was RECOMMENDED by THEIR web site (My grandmother found out this information from the person that she talked to.) as they have a limited number at their locations. The crate is plenty big enough for the two pups in all areas, by the way. By the way, any time I searched anything about crate sizes, prices, and animal policies for the CABIN, I *ALWAYS* got a CARGO answer each and EVERY time. This guy, in all honesty, did not seem to know what he was doing or talking about. In any case, I've followed everything that I've been told and am still, apparently, incorrect.

I am exhausted trying to figure out what to do. I will call back tomorrow. In the mean time, I really need some advice. Thank you.

UPDATE: I called back and got everything worked out painlessly! :D The lady that I talked to so wonderfully nice and helpful. Everything is done! Hooray! :D

06-13-2006, 02:46 AM
I'm glad you got everything worked out.. Hope you have a safe flight with the pups. :)

06-13-2006, 02:51 AM
Thank you very much! :D

Should I carry honey or Karo syrup on the plane for Abigail (grandmas pup) and my as-of-yet-nameless pup?