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05-11-2002, 02:23 PM
It is appearing that it will be necessary to re-home my 3 year-old Fluffy. She is a recently spayed female tortie, who keeps chasing away my other cats. This morning, Snow cat got outside for a little while, and guess who went after him with a vengence? She has done this with a few other of my furkids even after being spayed. Personality-wise, she is herself, a very affectionate lap cat, but seemignly will not get along with some of the others. Fluffy would make a great single-cat for a family or for a single person, but she is not to be trusted, for any length of time, around other cats. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might properly re-home her, or would anyone on Pet Talk be interested in her? :(


05-12-2002, 06:43 AM
Wayne my daughter has found herself in the same predicament as you are. Her little guy, Gabe, will be re-homed next month due to some real concerns about how he will act toward her 8 month son. His story can be found here:


I think the fact that she is an affectionate lap cat gives her a really good chance at finding that new forever home. I wish I could do something to help. You might be able to get some ideas by reading through the above thread. It's a long one, but offers many suggestions from our fellow Pet Talkers. Keep us posted!

05-12-2002, 11:54 AM
Pam, yes, I am familiar with Gabe. The more I read it, the more at a loss as to suggest what to do. I think I did reply something to the effect, about him being in constant pain, thus causing him this aberrated behavior.

The problem with being on the California West Coast, is that most of the Pet Talk folks are on the East, and east of the Mississippi. So, I'll l have to find a home for Fluffy out here some way. I do not relish the thought of giving her up, since she is the last remaining survivor of her litter-mates almost 3 years ago. That she is also an outdoor cat, but I believe that she can be made to enjoy being an indoor pet. The only reason I keep Fluffy outside is because of her constant fighting with the others. Between her history of fighting with Princess, Blue, Snow Cat, Ophelia, and possibly Fawn, I dare not keep her in the house. :(

I visited the Visalia animal shelter again Saturday (5/10), and inquired about them keeping Fluffy until a more suitable home could be found for her. They replied that there would be a $20 fee to give her to the shelter. It isn't so much the fee, but I woule appreciate one who would make a loving home for a loving Kitty, of which they said, they could not guarantee -which is understandable.

BTW, they had a bunch of new cats there. One tuxedo male cat was reaching through his cage trying to "paw me down". When I saw his determination, I immediately opened his cage and brought him out for some hugs and scritichies. I wanted to take him then and there, but the more practical side of my nature dictated otherwise. He is one of the most favored cats there, so I hope he finds a new loving home before long.