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05-29-2006, 08:09 PM
Today we went to Green Lake, of course I brought Georgia. I couldn't bring Alaska because he would never be able to walk 3 miles, nevertheless he does NOT do well with small kids he doesn't know. Thank gosh we didn't bring him because kids were running up to Georgia and hugging her, if it was Alaska in the situation... ugh I can't even imagine. We didn't bring Buddy because he still has his problem around other dogs :rolleyes: . Anyway, Georgia had a blast. She didn't pull on the leash once, she let all the kids hug her and kiss her and pet her, and they got a sloppy kiss back. She didn't pay any attention the the other dogs there, I saw that doggy smile on her face though ;) . We took a break half way at the beach, where there was a little Shih-Zau, a Shiba Inu, a Lab, and an Eskimo running around off leash so I let Georgia off, she could care less about the other dogs! She decided to chase the sticks I threw in the water for her instead. We were there for about a 1/2 hour and then we got on our way again. SOOOO many people asked me 'Is that a Pit Bull?', and I was thinking about saying yes so they'd get a good impression on pit bulls... :p :D . There were SO many dogs! I saw more danes than I had ever seen before, HUGE ones! Bigger than any dane I have ever seen anywhere else (including PT :p ;) ). I didn't have time to pet any, because I was busy jogging with Georgia and my mom, and grandma. There were so many puppies there, I saw one jogger dragging a Lab pup, I got so upset I felt like going up to her and telling her the right way to walk a dog! Ugh it made me so mad. We saw the same pug like 100 times, LOL, okay, maybe not 100, but a lot of times! For the first time I noticed how many pit bulls there were! I didn't have time to pet any but I sure would've just to test out the owners (if you know what I'm saying :p ?). I saw one of the most responsible pit owners there too! He had a neautered male, that he kept on heel and had him sit everytime they stopped, being cautious whenever another dog was around. I smiled and was really happy to see a responsible pit owner! On the way back we went to Baskin Robins to get some ice cream, I shared some of mine with Georgia :o She was panting like crazy by the time we were dome! She is lying on the floor, POOPED right now, LOL! WHAT A BUSY DAY!
Okay sorry for writing so much, Georgia wanted me to tell you about her day!
I know you are going to kill me for not bringing my camera, sorry, it's my mom's fault! :o

Toby's my baby
05-29-2006, 08:25 PM
Sounds like a lot of fun!! Glad you ran into some good pit owners!! :D It is always nice to see people who are responsible. Too bad you didn't get those pictures!! ;)

05-30-2006, 10:05 AM
I was glad I ran into some good pit owners, too :)

05-30-2006, 10:25 AM
how fun!!! I would have loved to go with you!! :p :D