View Full Version : Measley Weasle is gone!

05-10-2006, 05:28 PM
My ferret Measley Weasle is gone! I took her out of the cage a few days ago as a "treat". I had found her a new home with some pet lovers. They planned to pick Measley up this weekend. They were supposed to pick her up 3 weeks ago but couldn't. So I let her run around the house while the dogs were outside.
I took a shower and did some errands while she played. It was about an hour later and I didn't hear her! So I went to the spot she normally hides and plays at. She wasn't there! I looked ALL over the house! Finally, I sent Scooby under the house to find her! He'd tried to eat her a few times but I knew he wouldn't this time since I had socialized them together. He never saw anything!
I called animal control and gave them a "heads up". They haven't had a report yet. Measley isn't afraid of much so it there is a dog or animal out there she would try to "play" with it!
I've decided that Measley has gone to the rainbow bridge at this point. I had rat poison set out under the house and behind the refrigerator. The places she would be. Even if she came back now, I wouldn't be sure if she would survive!
I am so upset about it. I keep trying to listen for her and look everywhere. I feel like a bad momma! I didn't even like ferrets and Measley stole my heart! She made me love ferrets again and that is something I will always be grateful for! God Bless you Measley Weasle! Love ya!!!

05-10-2006, 05:42 PM
Oh no, don't give up hope just yet! Its only been a day or so, correct? She may still come back!!

But next time you shouldn't leave her out by herself unsupervised unless she is in a confined area (ie: a bedroom with the door closed, etc).

I have my fingers crossed for you!