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*future vet*
05-06-2006, 07:01 PM
Did anyone watch the Kentucky Derby today? I watched it and thought it was good and fun to watch! I can't remember the winner's name, he was pretty though!

05-06-2006, 08:37 PM
Barbaro! Barbaro won. :)

Of course I watched. I almost went this year, but decided to stay home. The Oaks is better if you're in the infield - less people and way less havoc!

Toby's my baby
05-06-2006, 09:19 PM
I MISSED IT!! :eek: I'm SO mad, I really wanted to watch it...I was out with my own horses :o lol. I love going to horse races/ watching them!

05-06-2006, 10:16 PM
I love to watch the KY Derby! It's amazing! & beautiful!

And yes, it was *Barbaro* that won. Followed by Bluegrass Cat & Steppenwolfer I believe. (I loved the name Bluegrass Cat!)

Also, Barbaro is undefeated. :) Maybe he has a shot at the Triple Crown!!!

05-06-2006, 10:19 PM
did not know it was on :eek:

Suki Wingy
05-07-2006, 02:11 AM
I was at work but I watched it at http://www.kentuckyderby.com
GREAT race! I asked a customer who was wearing an Arlington Park shirt who won and he said it was too good a race and I'd have to watch it wor myself!
I'm sad Fort Prado didn't run. :(
My grandma and 2 aunts are there, I bet I'll get the full story and some pics when they get back.

Miss Z
05-07-2006, 03:48 AM
Over in the UK, I was watching the Badminton Horse Trials Cross Country Phase, and I just loved it! The showjumping is on today and I absolutely love watching show-jumping. I missed the dressage unfortunately due to being at school, which I would have loved to have see as I love riding dresage myself. I don't watch a lot of horse racing as I'm not sure if I agree with it, but I must agree that the thoroughbreds are so beatiful and are real athletes.:) Well done Barbaro for winning!