View Full Version : I am getting a new dog and need naming help!

04-11-2006, 02:48 AM
My husband and I have been searching for a new dog since November. My aunt is a Chihuahua, formerly German Shepherd (Deutschmeister , I think is how she spelled her kennel name), breeder. My mom, aunt, and I have been chatting and Aunt Judy has decided to give me a pup (due in 55 days!) for 1/3 of the stud fee and the x ray cost ($70, total I think. She normally charges, well, what breeders usually charge but things are different because I am family, I suppose.). It is going to be long haired and a boy, most likely because that's what her female usually throws. ANYWAYS. I have been having trouble choosing a name! I need help and suggestions! So far the only male first name and middle name that I have is Diablo (inspired by the video game, har har) Torgon (Nordic for "The sound of thunder"). Ironically, I have quite a few female names (I would just pick and choose which is first and middle) picked out, but would still like suggestions for that, too. Female names, so far: Freyja (think fray-uh), Reginleif, Rota, Morrigan (Celtic battle goddess), and some others I can't remember. Mostly names of the original Valkyries. :D :cool: