View Full Version : Cow Cow was attacked by a dog

03-30-2006, 09:12 PM
http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e305/kyle4k9/cowcow1.jpgIMOM is raising funds for Cow Cow (http://p088.ezboard.com/fimomcommunityfrm19.showMessage?topicID=868.topic) who escaped from her home and was bitten by a “stray dog.” She has injuries to both hips, requiring surgery. We hope to be able to help make that possible.

Her owner writes:

Cow Cow is a very special member of our family. My father died in June of 2003. In October of the same year on his birthday Cow Cow came to us. She is a special link to him. She is not the prim and proper cat. She loves to roll and play with our dog Isis. She will sit in a chair and swat at Isis as she runs by. They will then chase each other throughout the house. Then they will flop down together and rest. She loves to lay with the children as they fall asleep as if watching over them. She gives kisses like a dog. You might think she learned this from Isis but she is the older of the 2 and has done this since she was a kitten. Unfortunately she got out of the house and was bit by a stray dog. She need surgery to repair her hips. Please help us help our baby. Whether it be monetarily or in prayer. Thank you.

To make a donation for Cow Cow, please go to www.imom.org/donation and mark your gift, “EF – Cow Cow Kissee.”