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04-22-2002, 04:36 PM
The weather here was beautiful last week and this past weekend. On Sunday morning I took the dogs for a L O N G walk. We walked all around the woods and through the park and then through my neighborhood. I live near Syracuse University so there are lots of little parks and side streets with beautiful old houses to look at. We were about 2 miles from home when tragedy struck...I stepped off the edge of the sidewalk and sprained my ankle! I sat down in the middle of the street while the dogs "milled" about. Duncan hovered over me to make sure noone "got" me while Jack just sniffed a bush! Some man saw me sitting there in front of his house at 8 am and came out and asked if I needed help. Duncan told him NO very loudly while showing LOTS of teeth and making a curious snarling sound! The man didn't come any closer and finally went back in his house, probably thinking I was just some nutty college kid who got lost walking through the "nice" neighborhood!

Anyway, long story short, I limped home, my ankle is the size of a softball and black and blue! I had to work yesterday, all day on it too, as a bartender!, which didn't help I'm sure...

Second thing, I had to go to a meeting at Applebee's(my second job) in the morning. So, rather than leave Duncan at home with the cranky roommate who always tries to lock him in his crate or in my room!!, I brought him with me! We played on the lawn before the meeting then I put him in the car and went inside. Some of my co-workers who had heard TONS of stories about him wanted to meet him. Again, long story short, he tried to bit 2 of them and I have no idea why or what prompted it! My roommate is disobeying all my requests not to let him run the streets off leash. If she does put him on a leash, it's the chain out front and she leaves him there for 10 minutes or so. The problem is that he can reach the sidewalk, and "HELLO Roomie, he bites!!" I have to move out asap. I'm terrified he will bite someone under her watch while I'm at work and that will be the end!!

He still has diarrhea at least once a day...I took him for his walk this morning but it's not 1/2 as long as it should be because I can barely walk!!! Poor Duncan!

I know this is so petty and silly especially compared to some of the other things on Pet Talk today and over the weekend but I'm just so frustrated....thanks for letting me vent!

It just seemed like one thing after another this weekend! And I'm so tired from working so much!! I'm going home and straight to bed tonight!!

04-22-2002, 06:59 PM
Jen, go get some Rocky Road ice cream and take a nice, long bubble bath ASAP!!! I'm sorry your weekend was so bad. I hope you can get moved out soon if that is what is best for Drake :)

04-22-2002, 07:07 PM
Jennifer, I agree. Ice Cream, bubble bath, then bed.
You know RICE for sprains.

I= ICE... Or Ice Cream;)

I hope you and Duncan can move out soon.

04-22-2002, 08:36 PM
You might also try a good soak in Epsom salts. I remember spraining my ankle in a church in Milwaukee on my way to communion (there was a small step from the pew to the aisle) and listening to the Miller Beer Can Banks rattle in my purse as I fell...talk about humiliating! lol Anyway, I put Tiger Balm on it and it helped too. Have you contacted any behaviorists about Duncan and his aggression?? I sure hope it all works out for you. Keep in touch and I hope you find a new place to live soon!

04-22-2002, 09:05 PM
Jennifer i really hope things will be ok for you and your sweet dog. I know what it is like to be all stressed out.. This time of the night i like to take Presley to this park for a run and some fetch. I can't even do that with her right now... But I am going to have a nice hot bath and relax and put on my pj's and snuggle up with my girl on the couch and read... I do hope you get to do something the same.. Relaxing is so nice to be able to do at stressful times like these.
Melissa & Presley

04-23-2002, 07:17 AM
Jenn - so sorry to hear about your mishap with your ankle OUCH - you must have a huge pain tolerance to be walking and standing on it like that.:( Can't you take a little time off to recoup?
Hope it gets well soon, sprains usually take a long time to heal:( :( Sure it's not broken??? Go to the Dr. and have it checked out and get something for the pain OK??? Your mother has spoken:D :D and take it easy;) Your mother has spoken again:p

04-23-2002, 07:31 AM
Aly you silly goose, Draker is my dog! I think a bunch of Pet Talkers mix up Drake and Duncan!

Jenni, I am sorry about the rough weekend. How is your ankle feeling? Duncan and Drake are very similar in a way. Drake can be very protective at times and snap at people. But then at times he is just as friendly as they come. Your roommate seems to be problem as well. Does she work from home?

04-23-2002, 08:32 AM
Oh Jennifer! Hope your ankle is on the mend!! Make sure you keep it elevated whenever you can. I'll bet sweet Duncan is missing those long walks! You two will just have to have more "floor time":D It does sound like his belly is slowly improving. What does the vet have to say? You take care. DONT OVER DO IT!!:)

04-23-2002, 08:49 AM
I agree with the others, pamper yourself, it sounds like you really need it!

04-23-2002, 09:05 AM
Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. Owie! I concur with the others. Rest Rest Rest!!! And lots of pampering. :)

04-23-2002, 12:53 PM
there's nothing petty and silly about your weekend! Take care of your ankle, while you're eating your ice cream, keep the ankle elevated. Icing immediately would have helped with swelling, I'm not sure what to do later on, maybe put some heat on it? But elevation is extremely important especially if you're on it for an extended time as a bartender.

And about your roommate that is just awful and as you know could become a major big deal. If Duncan bites while off the leash with her I would guess you'll probably still be responsible :(. Tell her people get sued often for dog bites and make her sign something that puts the responsibility on her - something has to make her wake up!

Hope this week is going better.

04-23-2002, 02:01 PM
Thanks for the support everyone! I was feeling so guilty last night about posting my "rough weekend". I should be spreading joy and be more upbeat like Sandra and Logan and Loudlou and Tonya always are...I just had a moment of weakness I guess. :o :o I was feeling so worried and stress and yes, TIRED!! I work 2 jobs and I haven't had a day off since my vacation in February. I don't mind working so much but I guess it gets to me after a while!!!

My ankle is much better today. I read up on sprains and I think I just twisted it because it is getting better already. I took the dogs for a walk this am and it wasn't too bad. I let them off leash at the park so they could get more exercise than could give them walking the streets. But I think I will be all better by the weekend!!

Jen, go get some Rocky Road ice cream and take a nice, long bubble bath ASAP!!!

Aly, that is what I did last night!! I had some soup, some chocolate and took a bath. Luckily the roommate wasn't home so I had the place to myself, along with Jack and Duncan of course! Duncan came into the bathroom with me and I took a bath and he rearranged the bathroom rugs and took a nap!! :)

Aly you silly goose, Draker is my dog! I think a bunch of Pet Talkers mix up Drake and Duncan!

Silly Aly!! I think they do too Souraya. They are both big dogs whose names start with D and who sometimes have problems with "protectiveness." I wonder if they could ever meet and be friends? Or if it would be a mistake? Maybe we'll find out at the SE Pet Talk meeting....
No, my roommate doesn't work from home but I work a lot so on the weekends she is home more than me. Thurs, Frid, Sat and Sundays I work my second job. I go home, let Duncan and Jack out, feed them and go off to work again. She is usually out partying with her friends and I end up taking care of Jack for her during the week. Often she sleeps at her boyfriend's house and doesn't even come home. It's so hard to have a dog when you dont' have your own place. But I'm certainly not going to get rid of him now I'll just have to get my own place once I can afford it... Duncan loves Jack but I don't think the feeling is mutual and I think Duncan would be much better behaved and happier if it was just him and I ina place. Even if he had to be alone sometimes, he would be happier. Sometimes I come home and he crawls into my bed looking sad and I wonder what I missed and if he was mistreated. Dont' get me wrong, she's a great girl and would never hurt an animal! But Duncan is not "her" dog, Jack is, you know what I mean....

Mugsy, I have consulted a trainer/behaviorist about Duncan's aggression and we're "in training" I wish I could import Carrie from England to meet him!:) I can't seem to figure out the "WHY" of his aggressive behavior....I know he doesn't like others to touch me or come to close and sometime we can control it but other times it seems to come out of the blue. But I am working on it!!

And Jenn, that is a great idea to make my roommate sign something! I worry about that but not as much as I worry about Duncan's "reputation" He's a good dog. He's just not as people-friendly as a golden (which my roommate has) or a lab...He's wary and since I think he ws mistreated, I dont' blame him. But I need to be responsible with him and she just refuses to cooperate! I think she secretly likes him to look like a bad guy...:(

OK I've babbled enough again!! Thanks everyone!!

Love, Jennifer & Duncan