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04-22-2002, 04:48 AM
I play ball with my Gold, who is 7 months old Basenji mix. He dance with his rawhide and bones. If Gold can't get his toy or his bone he'll start barking. I also, have a 14 1/2 year old cat name Boo-Boo and she is funny one. if you did not know that she is 14 yrs old, but , she runs like a 2 or 3 yr old cat. She has been my baby for a long time. Boo-Boo saved my life once! I just came home from working on graveyard shift and I told my husband that I was gonna take a bath before I go to bed. My husband went to work and I got into the tub and started to fall asleep and Boo-Boo notice that I was slide down toward the water. She hit the water, that did not wake me up all , then she decided to jump into the tub and that's when I wake up. Boo-Boo is my hero for life. As for Gold he is only a puppy, he has his whole life of enjoyment with his new family.
linda h.:cool: