View Full Version : New Places!

04-21-2002, 08:52 PM
I took my dog for a walk with my friend Samantha and like a few blocks from my house I noticed we had an awesome park to go to......I was like, I'M GLAD I FOUND THIS! Anyway, I decided to let my dog off her leash and she minds SO good! Every time she would go near the edge of the park I'd just say her name and she's come to me. She's 6 years old and I've found out that older dogs are much easier to train than younger ones cuz of their short attention spans. Her name is Fridae and she's a husky, lab, and rott weiler mix. She's my "boopoo babay" LOL. That's what I called her when she was little. She's my bestest friend. And she gives "kisses" on command. Hehehehe.
I went to orscheln's to get some litter for my buns and I came across a "kennel pad". It's a fabric pad you put in pet carriers and I got one and put it in my buns cage for a resting spot from the metal grid floor. They luv it to death. It already has rabbit hair all over it. And it's machine washable too. Over in California in a rabbit rescue place called The Bunny Bunch there's this really cute rabbit I want to adopt named Chai. He's brown with black siamese markings. I want to adopt him SO BAD, but the problem is I'm only 15 AND i live in a completely different state. All the way in Missouri! I'm heart broken....