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04-21-2002, 01:18 AM
Are you on Bridgette?

04-21-2002, 01:42 AM
Anyways everyone. For all of you that know about me taking Cheetah to the vet today, here is how it went. Well first off, last night I took her to the emergency veterinary hospital. I have noticed that she has lost a lot of weight after having the kittens and I was worried. So I brought her in and they did an exam on her. It turned out normal and the vet said she was fine, it's just the kittens. She also said that she would gain her weight back after the kittens are all gone and she doesn't have to nurse them anymore.

So then today she was going to get snipped but the vet said to wait until her mammary glands go down more. So we need to wait about two more weeks. I bought some nutrical for her to give her a boost. Poor gal, I feel so bad for her.

At the vet today she got her FIV/FELV test and it was negative for both. Yah!!!:D She also got her booster shots for FELV, rabies and the 5 in one. She also got dewormed and got some advantage because of flea season and all.

So that is my story. I also have some more news though that is sad. Today my two budgies Snowflake and Tweety died today. They were fine this morning when I checked on them to give them their water and food and let them out for a bit. They have had no signs of respiratory infection, no ruffled feather, no runs, standing on both feet, no raspy breathing.....nothing. I went out to run some errands and was gone only two hours when I came back to find them both laying on the bottom of the cage. It was so weird. I was very sad. I just tamed them and we were making bonds with eachother. I spent months taming them. So I told my vet about it and she thinks it is very odd to have birds die on the same day within an hour of eachother. Supposedly, this rarely ever happens. If one bird is sick and it dies it usually takes at least a week for the other to die. And sometimes one bird is sick and the other is not.

I have my Grass Parakeets and they are just fine and they also are in the same room. So tomorrow they are going to have autopsies done. I know this may sound bad but I need to know what caused this. So I am now very sad about all this.:( :( :(

04-21-2002, 02:00 AM
But I also have good news!!!:D :) ;) :D

I got 10 new pets today. I got a male guinea pig because Ms. Silly (now Mrs. Silly) needed a friend. I named him Wilbur. I don't know why, the name just came to me. It's weird cuz I usually have a hard time picking out names for my pets.

I also got another female degu. Which makes my degu count four. Two males and two females.

Then I got 8 rats. I got a black hooded, a triamese, one self champaign, one buff hooded, two powder blue huskys, one self powder blue, and one topaz. :D They are so cool. What should I name them all. I still need names for my other pets also. Can somebody help me with this name problem? Well I will post pics of all of them as soon as I can.

I changed all the cages today after I got back home from the vet and was feeding all of the rats and other animals. I always give my rats and other pets fresh fruit and veggies, hay and rodent blocks... stuff like that. Well it was so sad but so cool at the same time..... but when I went to give the rats some fruit and stuff, they were so happy!!!. It was sad because you could tell they had never had any of that stuff before. I gave the rats some hard boiled egg and they loved it. It was also a special moment for me because I know if I wouldn't have rescued them from the petstore they probably would have been snake food and been fed just pellets before they met their dimise.sp? I know they are happy now. Tomorrow I am going to go buy new cages that are really big and have tunnels ans hammocks in them. I love to spoil my pets!! I just love them so much!!!:D

04-21-2002, 07:29 AM
"Oh my Goodness"
I can't believe all you have went thru lately~and you also have a baby{the pic in your avitar}? How do you ever have all the time with everything?!!!There's no way I'd have time!So sorry to hear about you birdies, let us know, ok? But congrats on the newbies!

04-21-2002, 10:23 AM
All I can say is, WOW! 10 more??? How many more do you want? LOL.

04-21-2002, 11:17 AM
Well I still have a ways to go in the rat depertment. There are a few more markings/colors I need to get. I want to get a merle, a tailess rat, a dalmation, a masked, a velveteen, a rex and some few others.

About the time, I make time. I love my pets!!! They are very spoiled. As for my son, he loves to watch the kittens play. He will starer at them for hours. He also likes to watch the rats and gets very excited when I bring then out to play. He will start throwing his hands in the air, waving them wildly with a huge grin on his face. He's going to be an animal lover just like his mommy.

Here is a pic of my baby boy Dylan. He is 4 nd a half months old.

04-21-2002, 11:22 AM
And another!:D

04-21-2002, 11:25 AM
He was only one moth old here! I sure do miss them when they are small.:(

04-21-2002, 11:27 AM
Here's him sleeping. Don't worry everyone, I don't leave him on the bed alone. I know that's a nono.