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03-05-2006, 12:01 AM
This is probably going to be long...vent...

Ok....I don't know where to start really, because this has been going on for so long. I've been working in a bar/resturant in a hotel for over a year now. Before that, I worked in the dining room of the same hotel for 2 years. My mom has been working at the bar for 28 years....so, I have been around the place since I was born. The cook has been around for probably 15 or more years (Yes, it seems if you become a manager, you're there for life...I hope to never get this job)

So anyway, I know the cook well, probably for most if not all of my life. I really don't like the guy. My mom really doesn't like the guy. He's not a nice person. He talks all sweet to your face, like he's this awesome guy, but then behind your back..who knows. He's even talked crap about his "friends". He is always giving away free food to these "friends". He shoots his mouth off if the bar staff doesn't ring something in AS SOON as we ask for it (ex: someone wanted a side of gravy...I go up first and get it, then ring it in) He also takes food home with him, punches in early and does nothing, sleeps while working, hangs out at the front desk while working (leaving the kitchen so he can't hear an order coming up. BTW, the bar is downstairs, the kitchen is upstairs. We have a thingie that sends the order to a printer upstairs)

ANYWAY, I think you get the idea that he basically gets paid to do nothing. I always have problems with him. It's at the point were I have to ring *my* food orders in and say it's for a customer or else he either puts something we're allergic too (my mom is VERY allergic to garlic..he thinks it's funny to put garlic in her food) or he will under cook it, or put things in it we asked him not to. Then he makes excuses for it.

A while ago, someone called and ordered something to be ready 1/2 hr later. I said fine, and rang it in shortly after. 1/2 later the guys come in expecting food. I go up to get it, and where was the cook? Outside talking to someone. He laughed about it. I told the customers this, and they got very cranky with *ME*! I can't remember how it started but I basically was annoyed with him and told him this. He then got snippy back and said "I'm manager! (of the kitchen..he's not MY boss) You're just staff. You don't tell me stuff like that. Now do your job!" I was like wtf?! you're the one not doing your job?! Different things were said, and I got really upset. I told the current general manager that I was leaving. He wasn't the best manager (although he was my BIL) he just stormed in and yelled at him....not right in my opinion) Nothing was done. The guys who were angry at me complained to my mom who explained things to them...

I decided since then, even when he doesn't make my orders (which happens a lot) that I would just ask him nicely to please stay in the kitchen. I get busy and can't keep calling to him. He says yes, but never does. So I just keep my frustration inside. I tell the new manager these things, who also doesn't do anything.

Tonight was it for me. I can't handle him any longer and remain sane. It's another long story, but he was bitchy all night. We had a hockey team in, so it was busy for us. He came in late (after they were served). Well, there was one pizza left to go down. There was like 7 pieces missing from it, so I said (in a joking voice) "Where'd all the pizza go?" And he says really snippy "Ask your mother! She had TWO pieces. We only had one." I said "No, she only had one." him: "Wanna bet?! She had one up here, and another going down stairs" I just said whatever and walked away. I didn't say anything to start anything with him, but even if she had 2 (which she didn't) there was more than 4 slices gone. What an a**.

So later on, mom refunded a burger, and he didn't read it right so he made it. Mom took it down thinking I rang it in, and we decided it was a mistake. She was going to give it to one of the guys. Jimmy calls down saying "Your mom took my burger I made for myself" lol...no...I ate dinner not much before that, and he was talking to the other cook about what they were going to eat...they ate steaks. He realized the slip said refund, and heaven forbid if we ate it! So he asks me to tell her to bring it up. I did. She said she would when she went upstairs next. He calls back, but we got one of the guys to answer :o lol. He said we were busy, but Jim asked him to tell us to bring the burger up. All this time I'm thinking "why can't he come get it?! he's not doing anything....we've got a large group of guys down here" so anyway, mom takes the burger up next time she goes up like she said....and I go up shortly after to take dishes up. The burger was sitting out till I got up there where he then comes over and says "You forgot about my burger" I told him that I didn't forget. He then throws it in the garbage and says "Well, it's GARBAGE now" I just ignore him then he goes "Just wait till you order your next staff meal. Then we'll see" So I'm like wtf does that mean? I walk by and say "so that's how it is around here is it?" then he starts bit&&ing and saying crap about me so I just said why couldn't he have come and got it. I have to come up EVERYTIME he "FORGETS" to put things in our orders, and everytime he messes my orders up. He said "Well I COOK it" Then he said "Go file another report why don't you" I hadn't filed any mind you....

I'm so sick of him. I'm going in monday and telling the manager that if he is in the kitchen when I'm working, as far as I'm concerned the cook didn't make it in that day...That's what I'll tell the customers. I'll do my job...but I won't be in any way, involved with him. They won't fire him...too bad. There is so many reasons he should be fired. If it was bar staff, we'd have been fired by now. Please note that I work SIX days a week, every shift he is cooking. It's not fair that he works only days I do! I can't handle it. Half the time I don't even do anything!

What should I do? I'm sorry this is so long, and I really don't expect anyone to read it...I feel better getting that off my chest.

(I also didn't re-read it...so it probably makes no sense. Sorry)

Cat's Meowm
03-05-2006, 04:18 AM
Makes enough sense to me that I suggest you take your experience and professionalism to any other restaurant in town! Give two weeks notice. Don't quit in a snit! But move on, please, move on! Many places will appreciate your work ethic. Do It. Maybe your mom will follow your example.

Don't b/i/tch to the customers.
Just go to other places before your shift starts and sell yourself. Or that one day off you have. Get your references in line and however tempted you are to bad-mouth the previous employees, bosses - just say *I'm ready to expand my horizons* or something like that. Act like you hate to leave, but want to increase your horizons.

Best of luck!

Cat's Meowm
03-05-2006, 04:47 AM
Furthermore, I think you should look into management.
You would be great! :)
Know why I say that?
Cause you've already learned all about bad employees. You would identify and reward the good workers!
Okay, I'll shut up now :rolleyes:

03-05-2006, 07:28 AM
What an a$$! Maybe you can join another staff at a new restraunt? Then MAYBE the managers will care about these concerns.

Miss Z
03-05-2006, 07:53 AM
OMG he sounds so annoying! I wouldn't put up with that. Go and find yourself a job with no a$$holes attatched, if you can;)

Laura's Babies
03-05-2006, 10:18 AM
More and more there are people like that out there, drawing a paycheck for just showing up on a job. And more and more, there are employers that put up with it! I just don't get it. The job inconviences their lives but they keep showing up.

He is only doing what his employer is allowing him to do and everyone else is enableing him to do. By keeping quiet about it and not reporting him to management, all of you are helping him DO IT! It WILL all catch up with him one day, you can bet on that. The more they get away with it, the braver they get and sooner or later, he will hang himself with his own behavior.

I use to BEG my crew for us to all get together and go to our boss to report what one was doing and NOBODY would! That guy got so cocky because he knew nobody was telling but when he started his personal attacks on ME, in front of the rest of the crew, I called the office on him and that stopped him dead in his tracks.... after that, he was my best freind... (Yea, right!) His cockyness, verbal cut downs and abuse will nail him one day and I will wait for that day to come. If you can wait it out, your fella will get what he is due. They DO hang themsleves, just give then the time and they will get what they got coming... I have seen it over and over, the odds ARE against them...

03-05-2006, 10:50 AM
The thing is, the guy has been doing this for YEARS. Different managers all do the same thing...nothing. Our latest manager seem to actually want him gone though, but she said she can't just "fire" him. Appearintly because it has been going on so long, and nothing was done, they need more on him to fire him? I don't know. It makes no sense to me. We have complained about him MANY times. My mom has even went to the head of the hotel chain....who hates the cook...but won't fire him. He says that Jimmy will cause too much problems and will stur up as much trouble as possible, so they need things that he can't fight back on. This also doesn't make sesne, because all the things I listed are MORE than enough to fire someone.

Also, right now we are short on staff. It's just me and my mom working the bar. My mom is bar manager. She is the only reason I haven't quit. If I do, she is left with no one. She already does a lot of doubles and a lot of hours. She can't quit right now....she couldn't go to any other bar and get paid the same amount (seeing she is manager) she can't afford to not have a job either. Besides, if I quit because of him, then it means he's won. He's been trying to get me to quit. And he's trying to get my mom fired. He's always compaining about her, and I can say, and this is 100%, that she is the HARDEST working person in the entire hotel. They're scr**ed if they get rid of her. 90% of the travellers and regulars come to the bar JUST to see her. I feel they would go out of business without her. I hope she will refuse to serve food with him too, then maybe they will do something about him.

03-05-2006, 10:51 AM
Can they fire me for saying there is no cook when there is? And not serving food as long as he is there? Isn't what he doing like harrassment? I mean, he basically threatened me by saying "Wait till you get your next staff meal" My dad said if they do, I can sue for wrongful dismissal

03-05-2006, 10:54 AM
I agree with employees just showing up expecting a paycheck for little or no effort. They think they 'deserve' to be paid as if it is 'owed' them. I own 2 businesses and thee hardest part for the employer to let someone go who is not doing there work is the employee will come back with a discrimination suit of some sort, it doesn't matter that they didn't do there job. I have tried hiring helpers that want top dollar to start and know nothing about job. The only reason there are jobs is the owner can't do it all themselves. When I need help, I get temp help anymore.

03-06-2006, 11:47 PM
If your mom is that valued, SHE should find another place - and take you with her.

So what if they are short-staffed? You don't have to take abuse; it's not your job to stay.

You first!

03-06-2006, 11:49 PM
If your mom is that valued, SHE should find another place - and take you with her.

So what if they are short-staffed? You don't have to take abuse; it's not your job to stay.

And if the manager is worried that the guy will stir up trouble - they can talk to a lawyer first and get their ducks in a row. THEN fire him.

Leaving is part of the solution - if nobody, including you, actually DOES anything, then they are being a part of the problem.


03-07-2006, 08:16 AM
As I said before, my mom NEEDS her job. It's unlikely she will get another job quickly that pays the same or more.

We;re having a meeting today with him to see what is going to happen...head office will decide if he should be fired or not (which he won't be)

Laura's Babies
03-07-2006, 11:40 AM
Sounds to me like he is a BULLY! I had one that worked for me when I was managing that cafeteria and she threatened to kick my A** a number of times, her husband even came and threatened me too. Upper management was afraid to fire her too but I refused to allow her to come back in my cafeteria so they had to move her to another cafeteria. Offered her less hours and had to drive 3 times further to get there so she quit.... Nobodys fault, she quit! :rolleyes:

I still say, his ways will catch up with him sooner or later if you can hang in there.. I have seen it happen over and over. He WILL get what is due him!