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  1. Please help Handsome
  2. Not just puppymills...boycott Cabelas!!
  3. Something good between VA & MASS.
  4. Lab Rescue Information
  5. HELP!!! Desperate need for transport from NY to MI...lots of people in the route
  6. Can anyone help Rosie the red dobie?
  7. Disturbing story, but is there anyone who can help these babies?
  8. anyone help me?
  9. Looking for a home for a semi-rescue pup
  10. Desperate Plea for Muzzle in West Virginia
  11. :DMy Mind is made up!:D
  12. Please help these Pitties!
  13. The Horrors of Rescue
  14. Please go look at the dogs at Cobb Care Humane Society
  15. Urgent home needed for pitbull!
  16. dobie X needs help
  17. Happy Rescue
  18. A Day in the Life of Cobb Care (soon to be something else)
  19. Disabled Pets
  20. AmStaff, URGENT
  21. Camp Collie Gone
  22. A Devine Rescue ? I Believe It...
  23. Tuffy's Home After 3 Years
  24. 3 pups for adoption in Northern IL
  25. Can anyone help Tank get home?
  26. Hey Brad....check out Slim
  27. Sue! Meet Bear!!
  28. Looking for ACD to Adopt
  29. Sad Situation
  30. hey
  31. Poor Nugget... I hope she finds the BEST FURREVER HOME EVER!!!!!
  32. The same pitbull in need of a FOREVER HOME
  33. Check out our new rescue website!
  34. Quick Picks of sweet Zipper
  35. Terrier mix needs out NOW!
  36. Need to Vent
  37. The part I didn't tell
  38. Urgent! Burn Puppy
  39. Burn Puppy Update!!
  40. omfg read this dogs story, what bad owners :(
  41. Blue Dog Rescue
  42. would you adopt me?? pic!!
  43. Can anyone help this little girl??? A friend of mine has her.
  44. TRANS: AL/TN/KY for Otterhound URGENT
  45. Disabled Animals Needing Homes
  46. I always said.........
  47. I am sooo tempted!!!
  48. Corgi lovers in CT area...can you help this sweetheart?
  49. Great Pyr Rescue MI taking on a bigger breed!
  50. Please see my post in Marketplace!
  51. A new signature for me
  52. Pet Stop puppies and illnesses
  53. TRANS: GA/FL for Dogo Argentino 9/13
  54. just wanna say hi to all my fellow animal lovers!
  55. Check out Sparta!
  56. Cross Post for Ohio members by Cleveland
  57. Puppymill dogs need homes!
  58. Cleatus needs a home.. can anyone help!?
  59. Any OH, PA, NJ drivers willing to help some sad hounds????
  60. Saint in need of perm home
  61. I rescued a DOG! Meet Dakota....
  62. My sad request for transport...for Dio...IN, IL, WI, MN
  63. NC Parade of Paws Event
  64. Biggest 2 month old puppy in the world (?) for adoption
  65. basset/ or bloodhound search
  66. OMG a very sweet dachy!!!
  67. Wesley's Story
  68. Wolfdog needs a home
  69. Can anyone help Maggie Mae?
  70. Please help me save a dog's life
  71. Spot needs a brother!!!
  72. Can anyone in Ohio help this poor Pit baby??
  73. Rescue closing in MO-pls help
  74. Saint Finally Adopted!
  75. HELP!! We need 2 legs in Wisconsin to fill Lacey's transport or it's a no go.....
  76. 5 yr old Female GSD needs home
  77. Yet another request for transport...this time in Iowa and Kansas
  78. It's the transport queen again....this time it's Massachusetts...
  79. Look at Baloo
  80. Lacey's happy ending.....
  81. Help Search For Rumble!!!
  82. REMI from Chicago looking for a home...
  83. We need a home for Max!!!
  84. ohio beagle rescue???
  85. A good day and a bad day at the shelter
  86. Abby formerly known as Dominque
  87. Keep your fingers crossed...
  88. Humane society?
  89. beagle rescue
  90. beagle pup
  91. California Chihuahua's need good homes
  92. Sweet Remi from Chicago...
  93. Another transport...legs in IA (lots), IL, IN, OH, and PA for November 21-23
  94. Look at Remi's sweet face!
  95. Transport help needed. MO to PA
  96. Rhodesian Ridgeback Lost or Stolen
  97. Our newest transport/foster
  98. Remi Update...
  99. transports in Canada
  100. Maryland Holistic Vet/Pet First Aid Seminar
  101. Goden Retriever Missing In West Virginia
  102. Petco considering selling puppies!
  103. Can anyone foster abused boxer in Ohio?
  104. A LONG transport...NC, TN, KY, OH, IN, MI.....
  105. All I want for Christmas..
  106. Adoptable Dogs at the Shelter
  107. Ok....Here is James Bond's transport ( and unofficially Moses)
  108. Baby Pitt needs home FAST!!
  109. Picking up a foster puppy
  110. Rescued Husky's
  111. poem.....
  112. Yellow Lab needs a home
  113. CRISIS in Northern Illinois
  114. Considering Breeding?
  115. Shameless begging for transport.....Chicago to MD on 12/20
  116. Twin City GS rescue +200 dogs
  117. English Pointer in Trouble
  118. Transport: Cincinnati, OH - Wilkes-Barre,
  119. Transport Request - Cincinnati, OH - Boston, MA; 1/3-1/4
  120. Introduction
  121. poor pupster... praying that he fully recovers...
  122. Live in Michigan? Want an awesome dog?
  123. Anyone free tomorrow afternoon in Texas or Arkansas? Transport needed....
  124. What to do with Coco?
  125. WOW!! Great news from Indiana....
  126. Goldie, the 3-legged dog
  127. Husky/Samoyed Mix
  128. Yet another transport...IA, KS, OK, TX drivers needed
  129. Oh How I miss it!!
  130. Important - Lost Dog in Buffalo Area
  131. Transport for dachshunds: drivers needed: MO,IL,IN,OH,Ontario...
  132. Senior Tibetan Spaniel would love a home
  133. All these petfinder threads...
  134. NC Benefit Brunch
  135. Yet another crisis with rescue dogs....
  136. Looking for love
  137. Some Reasons For Hope
  138. Begal help...
  139. Story: For The Love Of Judith........
  140. Jane - another chance
  141. Female Dobe needs a home
  142. Help??? PLEASE!! lol Transport for 2/14 New Castle, IN to Albert Lea, MN
  143. How to deal with a semi-feral dog?
  144. Wolf Hybrid needs new & better home
  145. Guide dog needs home
  146. Hey Glacier...look at this beauty available in IN
  147. Jim Willis ( How Could You)Needs Help
  148. Donations needed for five rescue pups
  149. American Eskimo Transport ~ Greenville, SC to Grand Rapids, MI
  150. Julia Valentine
  151. Update On Mercy!!!!!
  152. MD Dog Education Seminar
  153. MAGDRL NJ Event w/Soprano's star!!
  154. Cookie...A happy-ending
  155. please help!!!
  156. Tennessee Horror Story!!!!!!
  157. Look at this cutie!!!
  158. Husky In Indiana!!!
  159. Golden Retriever Transport ~ Springfield, MO to Port Huron, MI ~ 3/13-3/14
  160. KS, MO, and IA drivers?? Now I'M coordinating a transport...
  161. Sick, Battered Pups Sold in FLA!
  162. Dog Gets New Life..A.C.O Fired!!!
  163. Calling all Vancouverites!
  164. Seabreeze (blk lab) needs home
  165. This Judge Must Be Insane!!
  166. And This To Top it Off! Geesh!
  167. Anyone know of a Dashchund Rescue Orginization?
  168. News on Tenn. Maltese Breeder
  169. Gorgeous Collie in Ohio
  170. Last minute Transport this Sat. thru Ohio...
  171. Need A Good Cry??
  172. I want one!!
  173. A Tragic Story
  174. Another plea!!!
  175. dane/lab in indiana in bad shape!!!
  176. Rottweiler Mama and puppies in SC
  177. A Rottie in need- Kyle
  178. Blitz needs a home!!!! Rochester NY area
  179. EMERGENCY SITUATION!!! 3-11 dogs to be euthanized Tuesday if we can't find rescues!!
  180. WHY not in America???
  181. Remember Patrick the Tibetan Spaniel/from shelter in Ft Worth?
  182. Is there anybody in U S can adopt this dog?
  183. Can anyone find it in their Heart???
  184. A Happy Story For a Change!
  185. Tragedy at PA. SPCA
  186. Please Throw The Book at Them! GRRR!
  187. Exciting News!!
  188. Ok...here's the transport of Dozer, Macy, and Brutus...
  189. Urgent! Male shiba in Baltimore - due PTS Tuesday.
  190. WOOHOO!! It's filled!!
  191. Spencer at Ten Months
  192. Massachusetts folks!
  193. TN, NC, PA, NY, MA, CT, ME Drivers
  194. Blind Cocker needs a home!
  195. KY and TN Drivers needed!!
  196. overcrowded shelter in indiana!
  197. Fighting Puppy Mills...a New Twist!
  198. Sad story brings out the heart in many
  199. An ACCIDENT????
  200. Gizmo Who Was Kicked Like Football
  201. Wanted English Mastiff Rottweiler mix pup
  202. look at this beautiful blue eyed baby
  203. God bless rescuers:
  204. Scooter Is Back!!!help!
  205. Maxton NC 35 dogs seized-pls help
  206. Maxton NC Animals safe-thank you
  207. The Creators Of Petfinders.com
  208. Transport Needed - ONE LEG - Binghamton, NY - Syracuse, NY; 5/1
  209. Terre Haute dogs are on their way to safety!!
  210. Urgent! Can anybody help?!?
  211. Please help Willow
  212. Devastating News at the City Shelter
  213. Urgent Transport Needed: Oak Harbor, OH - Rochester, NY; 5/8
  214. Willow court case-please help
  215. How To Report Pet Store?
  216. Foster Needed Immediately - Rochester, NY or within a couple hours
  217. For all those dedicated to dog rescue..
  218. Students & Animals Help Each Other
  219. Llasa's need help
  220. I never thought of this :(
  221. Transport Needed Ohio - Saturday
  222. Stormdancer Danes
  223. Extreme cruelty in PA pls help
  224. Malamute rescue in TN
  225. HELP for old dog!!!!
  226. Shelter is full AGAIN!!!
  227. puppy mil shut down!OVER 300 DOGS!
  228. look at these prime pups!
  229. Lizard Needs a Home
  230. My Dogs Are Being Given Up!
  231. A Great Dog rescue Story
  232. This Needs Repeating!
  233. URGENT help needed for coonhound
  234. Please Read!!!!!
  235. Back Yard Breeders Are Bad Business
  236. Interesting Event Going on in PA
  237. URGENT....Catahoula Leopard Dog (DEAF) Needs a good home
  238. Kozmo
  239. Update on Rescue 4 Puppies
  240. 1 week left or less for most Terre haute,IN animals!!!
  241. Puppy rescued from bridge
  242. Highway help!
  243. Spain's Law For Animal Protection
  244. MD Parade of Paws Dog Walk
  245. volunteers needed!-Waynetown, Indiana
  246. how stupid do they come!!!
  247. A story with a happy end :-)
  248. Emergency situation for 4 Goldens....
  249. My Rescue Hero....Rosie Ellis
  250. *URGENT* Chihuahua needs a home