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  1. Help for Rescue Organizations
  2. GSD in shelter, again
  3. animal cruelty with a positive ending......
  4. Debbie's Petland opens on Cape Cod
  5. Emma
  6. dog rescue
  7. How cute!!!
  8. Rescue Work Is Great
  9. My Pal Cayenne
  10. touching story that needs a happy ending
  11. Animal Cruelty a Felony in Washington State
  12. Petfinder Is Great
  13. Duncan's Anniversary
  14. tonic and the others
  15. poor pup!!
  16. pet rescue
  17. Just for Candy and Logan and all Golden Lovers!
  18. Something Fishy About Mr. Fish
  19. Max, the Wild Weimaraner!!
  20. this is so sad!!
  21. Rescue or Theft?
  22. Free To A Good Home
  23. I need sombody to care for my dogs in SFC or Oakland CA
  24. Adopting from a Kill Shelter/No Kill Shelter.....?
  25. Fictional shelter story but probably more truth to it than fiction
  26. Nookie
  27. Another Rescue Effort
  28. Super Urgent- Dogs Pts 6/29/02
  29. Tibetan Spaniel/Urgent Help, Please
  30. Life or Death
  31. Update On Liberty Animal Shelter in NJ
  32. Chow Puppy Found
  33. Sad story / lucky puppy
  34. Akita Needs Home
  35. I'm seeing spots!!
  36. Texarkana animal shelter
  37. Pet Refuge needs our help!!
  38. Aly, I need a Tyler Update!
  39. "Splash" is coming today
  40. To Those Who Rescue
  41. Sweet Akita TO BE PTS 7/15/02..HELP!!! URGENT!!!!
  42. Emergency TN foster
  43. Rescue in the making
  44. Dog doused in gas and set on fire...
  45. Inspired to foster
  46. I will never understand. Never! :(
  47. Tommy (Bandit) is rescued!!
  48. Anyone Have an idea?
  49. Link To The "Parade" Article
  50. What can I do?
  51. *Gulp*
  52. Sam!
  53. Bonnie And Clyde Need A Home
  54. In case someone can help
  55. Urgent- Akita In Ct Needs Help
  56. Scrap update
  57. I had an idea yesterday (uh oh)
  58. A real tearjerker
  59. Beautiful free Labrador Retriever puppy
  60. Ok....just change my user name to sucker!
  61. a HAPPY Freckles gets to go to a new home!
  62. Pomeranian Needs A Home
  63. AL/Ga- Transport Needed Aug. 3
  64. Cassie is well enough for adoption!!! YEAH!!!
  65. Delightful day with Souraya, Andrew and Roxey
  66. Anyone in NC need a new pup?
  67. if anyone can help..dalmation,huskie,poodle,akita,golden retriever,pitbull,ro!!!!!!!!
  68. UPDATE on Daisy the dog who was set on fire...
  69. Puppy Mill Rescue-please Help Us
  70. My Splash girl is going "home".......
  71. Letter from a puppy mill "resident"
  72. This makes me think of my Patience
  73. "I stole your dog today"
  74. My first possible transport
  75. Lost Dog--VA area
  76. My new girl Abby & what should I do? Pls. help
  77. Oldtimers, do you remember Dexter?
  78. Urgent, Everyone Near Los Angeles!!
  79. Virtual Kennel
  80. Transport Or Foster In Wv! Urgent!
  81. Miami, Florida - Available Pets
  82. Happy Ending
  83. Rescued Tibetan Spaniels Needing Homes
  84. cat family needs you...
  85. Chihuahua in dire need of a home
  86. Let me tell you about Bernie
  87. Please help me, to help a wandering pupper!
  88. Iggy
  89. TRANSPORT NEEDED! Windsor, ON to London, ON
  90. two fosters that need homes
  91. 106 Things You Can Do For Rescue
  92. URGENT - Loving dog needs home fast
  93. Picture of Orin
  94. Thinking of adopting or foster in southern CA?
  95. AL- Need Foster Home ASAP
  96. I was wondering about the FOSTER HOMES FOR DOGS
  97. Aussie Shepherd Needs Home
  98. Orin?????
  99. Do You Contribute??
  100. Animal Abuse Problem
  101. Urgent, babies and dogs in GA
  102. Look!!
  103. Pyrangel Rescue story (graphic)
  104. Orin's Here!!
  105. DESPERATE PLEA for help from me
  106. Help STOP Dog Abuse in Lancaster County!! Please Read!!
  107. Golden Retriever needs good home
  108. German Shepherd mix found on street in Queens
  109. three moms and their 14(?) puppies, please save their lifes!
  110. Rescued just in time...
  111. TX- URGENT 3 Dal Pups Need RESCUE FAST!!
  112. A fun, rainy rescue run!
  113. Update on Orin
  114. Do you think Ralph will let me take her?
  115. Welcome (AGAIN) to Kendall's Kennels...Rinny
  116. Wish me luck
  117. Roxey Update
  118. Last day w/ Lucky Jersey
  119. My First Foster
  120. Chihuahua WANTED!!!
  121. Sheltie Lovers, please help.
  122. One Man's Grief
  123. Pit Bull in Durham, NC
  124. Pitbull needs a home
  125. Foster Homes Needed For Akitas
  126. Puppy Breath!
  127. Today I helped save a life
  128. Ohio Happy Tails - very sad
  129. "No Kill"??? This is long, but a worthy read
  130. Afgan rescue puppy finds new home
  131. Sue...HELP!!! Elderly GSD in need of rescue
  132. The Nerve Of Some People
  133. Kim and Bear, abuse case
  134. UPDATE on ORiN! =)
  135. Some cuties from Pet Refuge
  136. HEY! Logan....look at Topaz
  137. Aussie To Be Pts In Atlanta
  138. What should I do about this?
  139. Abandoned Yogi saved by Heather the Hound
  140. Black Lab in CA needs a home
  141. Tips
  142. Overseas Canine Rescue
  143. Oh No. Look what happenened!
  144. I might get a new foster tomorrow!!!!!!!
  145. Kimmy!!!! Lookee
  146. And I want Bunny....
  147. Meeko and Coach
  148. Neglected F Dalmatian Needs Help Fast
  149. Fundraiser
  150. Abandoned Dog Needs Help
  151. I'm new
  152. Candy and Bonny
  153. Mugsy's on the warpath again!!
  154. Opinions Please
  155. Here We Go Again..Spalding Co.Shephard/Aussie Needs Help
  156. Meet Spencer
  157. starting fundraiser please take a look!
  158. Ahh help!!!
  159. I finally did my first transport today!
  160. Shar-Pei Needs Home - TEXAS
  161. tubby waiting for a new home!
  162. MS/LA/TX Transport Help Needed 11/9-10
  163. i take homeless dogs and puppies
  164. It's my fault this time!!
  165. Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery
  166. Poodle Anyone????
  167. Another transport request...ATTN Edwina's Secretary!!!!
  168. Abandoned dog
  169. 55 Dogs Starving to Death in Oklahoma
  170. Tragic Fire at Southside Animal Shelter
  171. Great Dane!!!
  172. Thanks to Everyone
  173. cincy and dakotahs'mommy...Hows' Snoopy???
  174. MS/LA- Only 1 leg needed for 11/10 for Dom the Dal
  175. need stuff to put on site
  176. 175 collies need help
  177. Blue GSD needs a home
  178. "Ears" for Mugsy
  179. Remember Blackie?? He gets his forever home tomorrow
  180. Poodle and Pom. in ohio need help
  181. Desperate plea for transport in New England
  182. Sweet Rottweiler Needs Home
  183. 5 dogs abandoned
  184. GSD needs home in Texas
  185. I've gone and done it!!
  186. Rescue Louie this week!!
  187. Please pray for Hope
  188. 2 Strays! Need Advice! URGENT!
  189. Ok...I THOUGHT I posted this...ATTN: SUE!!! Read about this sweet baby
  190. Foster's first day tips???
  191. My foster
  192. Oh my gosh I have puppies!
  193. Hows' this for a find?!?!(Proof That Microchips Work!!!)
  194. I helped a little dog yesterday!!!!!
  195. anyone got their dog from For the Love of Aniamls?
  196. Dogs and Cats Being PTS in Arkansas
  197. DJ: our next foster
  198. Peka
  199. A Shelter Dog's Christmas Poem
  200. i saw the sadest thing yesterday
  201. Lurcher Dogs in Ireland
  202. YAY!! for this lucky pup!!
  204. update on Little Orphan Annie resuce dog....
  205. Here's an Aly pooch if ever there was one!!
  206. OMG....Look at these cuties from Pet Refuge!!
  207. GA/FL Transport Needed for 2 dal pups SUNDAY 12/15
  208. How about these Dogs of the Week at Pet Refuge.
  209. This just breaks my heart...I wish....
  210. Anyone interested in meeting at Southside Animal Shelter???
  211. Anyone want a Harley?
  212. Transport Needed
  213. More cute pupies
  214. Think About This Before You.......
  215. Maxie is Home
  216. URGENT- F Dalmatian in OK Needs RESCUE/HOME
  217. I couldn't resist posting these cuties.
  218. 2 Border Terriers
  219. Someone help!
  220. Local dog owner rescues down and out canine.
  221. UPDATE on Daisy the dog who was set on fire...
  222. Pictures: My first foster, GAYLORD
  223. Great Dane in need of rescue,Mason,MI!!
  224. Mugsy's on a mission!!!
  225. Auction Site for Dogs
  226. Foster #2, Bandit
  227. I just received this...makes me ill!!
  228. Jewels story
  229. Check this out....way too cool!!
  230. Dalmation and Great Dane!!!!Need Home!!!Package Spot Deal!!
  231. new pup! so cute! help
  232. URGENT PLEASE!! ONLY 3 LEGS IN, KY & WV Service Dog NE to VA 12/28-12/29
  233. My Foster Dog is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  234. Aussie Transport in Ohio
  235. I am appalled
  236. Cross post for a transport...anyone available this weekend??
  237. Another transport for this weekend.
  238. Rescue in Texas..Aly????Know anybody??
  239. Transport Needed - WY to CO, silkie terrier, dates open. Please crosspost.
  240. Help needed - Crosspost
  241. Foster for Husky needed ASAP!
  242. Help needed to transport 2 Goldens this Saturday in PA
  243. Please Help if you are near Pineville, NC
  244. Anyone available to foster in New York area
  245. Ok Souraya....here's your chance
  246. They Moved Without Her
  247. Brownie
  248. TRANS- 1/11 AL/GA/SC/NC For Neglected Eskie Girl
  249. Pictures of the two goldens transported Sunday
  250. Urgent!!!! Transport Sat., Jan. 11 From Grafton, Wv To Chesapeake, Va