Shiney and Mom

My sister had two cats who were Lilac Point littermates - Pyka (a variation of Spider Monkey) and Shiney (cause he was a 'shiney new cat'). Pyka was PTS in July 2007 due to cancer; his brother Shiney missed him a bit, but has certainly thrived as an only cat in Mom's care!
  1. Think he could snuggle in any closer? :-)
  2. Mom is glued to the TV here - not grim at all!
  3. This is a little blurry, but shows mom taking sheer delight in her little guy!
  4. Shiney always sleeps UNDER a blanket or a quilt folded just for him on Mom's bed.  Here I pulled back the blanket for sleepy pics of the sweetie!
  5. Shiney Under Blanket again.
  6. Shiney in mom's lap
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