Cami & Tyli

I brought in these sweet tortie sisters around early September of 2011. They were about 2 months old or less, had infected eyes, and were being fed by a neighbor. My intention was to get them well and ready for adoption, but Miette, then Koji and I fell in love with them, so they're here to stay. Even Cato enjoyed cuddling with them at times. Cami is short for Camellia and Tyli is short for Tiger Lily. What a beautiful kitten bouquet; they are a joy!

Update: Cami passed away on 8/21/19. She was extremely affectionate. Tyli passed away on 9/25/20. She was a unique beauty and very sweet. It seemed obvious that both of them shared the same illness, which I believe may have been genetic or contracted at birth. I will love and miss them forever!!
  1. Kittens in cat tree
  2. Tyli biting her nails
  3. Cami chewing on a blanket
  4. November 2011, Cami plays with Koji's tail while Tyli cuddles next to him
  5. Miette grooming Cami, as she often does
  6. Tyli cuddles with Cato.  This was one of Cato's last photos.
  7. Tyli & Cami, sleepy in top level of cat tree
  8. Early photo when they still had eye infections
  9. Playing in temporary container
  10. Kittens in Nov. 2011
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