Rianne, Isis, Sophie and Chloe

I miss them and will always remember them, C.B. & Cato, and all my departed cats with love. Their stories are in the captions of the pictures.
  1. Chloe w tongue out
  2. Isis - taken by my friend, Jeannie, in or around 1991
  3. Rianne & Her Kittens - April 1984.  Isis is the one on top whose eyes you can see.  Their eyes were still blue.
  4. Rianne & Isis on Deck
  5. Sophie on Deck
  6. Sophie showed up at the house in the spring of 1992 with three still-blue-eyed kittens scampering behind her.  I found a home for the female kitten,...
  7. Chloe was a very sweet and funny longhaired cat with a sad background of neglect.  There was reason to believe she'd been left by former owners...
  8. Isis, Rianne's daughter, not yet full grown in 1984 or early '85 - on a shelf.
  9. Rianne in 1984 - my absolute favorite picture of her.  Long story short, she came with my first apartment-of-my-own where this photo was taken.  She...
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