C.B. and Cato

Cato and C.B. Sophison were brothers born in the spring of 1992. Their mother was Sophie (hence the name "Sophison." Well, why can't cats have their own family names?)

C.B. means "Cato's Brother" but could also be "cream & butter" which suited his coloring and his soft, loving personality. He would often get under the blanket when I went to sleep and I could adjust him as well as if he were a teddy bear.

Cato also craved affection, clinging when held. He was often very loud and persistent, sometimes saying "hullo?" He was quite a character!

Towards the end, C.B. had cancer. He did well on radiation treatments until he had to be euthanized in June of 2010. He was a very sweet, loving companion and I'll miss him always.

Cato took a turn for the worst about a year later and sadly, needed to be put to sleep November 3, 2011 at the age of 19 and a half years old. He had a unique personality and was well-liked by anyone who knew him. I will miss and love him forever, too.
  1. Cato - in my hands with Danny in background (by Joe)
  2. Cato in the Yard
  3. C.B. in Doorway
  4. C.B. on Bed
  5. Danny and C.B. Sleeping.  Danny didn't even know C.B. was sleeping with his head nestled in his hand.
  6. C.B. Enjoying a Box
  7. Cato Talking - by friend, Joe (excellent photographer!)
  8. Cato Over My Shoulder by Joe
  9. Cato Over My Shoulder, also by Joe
  10. Cato Walking and Talking, by Joe
  11. Cato in the Backyard in 2007
  12. Cato Plays Guitar 
Here, Cato is playing Danny's SG. 
(This was a lot of work!)
  13. C.B. Licks His Leg
  14. C.B.'s Break from Grooming
  15. Blurry C.B. in a Box
  16. C.B. by Joe
  17. C.B.
  18. C.B. Sits Up
  19. C.B. as a kitten in 1992.  This is my favorite picture of him of all time, and one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken.
  20. Cato grooming 2.  Go back and forth between the two grooming photos and it looks animated.
  21. Cato grooming
  22. C.B. with my hand and a cat toy in 2009
  23. Cato, a bit blurry in the bedroom
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