On June 30, 2009, I was at an adoption center for the local Humane Society where I had decided to take photos of their cats. On delivering the disk, a young woman was there who had brought in this very small, (though no longer blue-eyed) kitten she found under a car at a shopping center. The adoption facility does not do intake, and just like that, I said I'd take her. I couldn't stand that she'd end up going to Animal Control and through a long system before getting a home. Besides, I was considering adopting a second female cat anyway. I gave her several baths and a name I'd kept in mind since finding it at a baby-names site years ago. Miette grew up to be sweet, playful, funny, and very lovable. She's the only cat I've ever had who sometimes plays fetch, bringing me her toy so I can throw it for her to chase and bring back again and again.
  1. Miette on Chair
  2. Miette & Tyli in top of cat tree
  3. Miette & Cami cuddling in top of cat tree
  4. Miette
  5. Miette grooming
  6. Miette, shortly after I adopted her.
  7. Another photo from 7/2/09.  Look at the cute, huge ears!
  8. 7/2/09.  C.B. and Miette still got along well together and sometimes groomed each other.  I'm glad she knew him before he passed.
  9. Miette with ball-track toy and empty tissue box - things she liked to play with at that age.
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