Dogland Stuff

Pictures from Vito and Patty, of RL and SL dogs.
  1. I heard your call for a Pet Memorial that was without cost to use, so I added one to Dogland Park. The Memorial Wall is located near the duck pond...
  2. Buster and Patty share a tender moment.
  3. Vito loves Jacob
  4. Patty and Vito loving Buster
  5. This is a picture, of My Nephew Danny, a dear friend Daena, and me at Dogland Park with some of our Virtual Dogs.
  6. Vito, "The Dogfather" at Dogland park in Second Life
  7. In SL I own Dogland Dog Park, and I work with owners of Virtual Dogs. I just finished a project with an RL psychologist I know . The project was...
  8. This was made the morning of creative genius Enrico Genosse's release of his new VKC Old English Sheepdog. The crowd formed at 6 A.M., and waited...
  9. Dogland Dogs Logo
  10. At 6:12 P.M. on Wednesday, Feb 3rd, VKC surprised the public with a release of the White German Shepherd. 
By 7:30 PM , training at Dogland started...
  11. Patty giving the pups a treat. Sarah- Aussie shep. Jacob- Blue Heeler. Buster- American Bulldog.
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