Here are some pictures of me with some members of my reptile/arachnid family
  1. October 2010 
This is me posing in the park at Twilight. Topaz, my new leopard gecko, is hanging onto my top.
  2. March 10 2013 
This is me posing with a spectacled owl at the Reptile Expo.
  3. February 14 2013 
This is me with Valentina, my newly acquired female Chaco golden knee tarantula.
  4. Halloween 2009 
This is me with Aphrodite, my female Chaco golden-knee tarantula.
  5. Halloween 2008 
This is me with Ginger, my best friend crested gecko, in my right hand wearing her witch's hat, and Oracle, my snow corn snake,...
  6. September 13 2009 
This is me and Crescent, my leucistic Texas Rat snake, female, 4 years old at the time.
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