My late husband, Danny & I adopted Serena from the our local shelter on May 22, 1999. The first time I ever held her I was startled by the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen in a cat: pale yellow-gold with bright green in distinct rings around her pupils. Serena's name at the shelter was "Shadow" and she had been surrendered with her mother and brother. For some time, she'd hiss at me when I'd put my face near hers, but she NEVER hissed at Danny, she'd lick his forehead. Always a clever cat, Serena became even sweeter and smarter with age (too many stories to write here). Towards the end she'd learned to tolerate the other cats much better and was affectionate with me. On Saturday, May 17, 2017 the weakened state Serena had been in suddenly escalated and she was obviously in pain. I brought her to the emergency vet clinic and her condition declined further to where her misery was so obvious, it was time to let her go. I'll always miss my beautiful Serena and hope she'll be with Danny now.
  1. Serena in the yard
  2. Serena in the Bathroom - I staged this to put up in the bathroom in a sign telling any visitor why they must close the toilet.
  3. Serena Sunlit
  4. Serena Sheltered - my (late) husband built this shelter for the cats.  Serena seemed to like it.
  5. Serena times 3 = Three pictures I took of Serena and photoshopped together.
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