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Miss Hoppy, chewing a piece of artificial "carrot"

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12-01-2008, 08:16 PM
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  1. cassiesmom
    There is our precious Miss Hoppy!
  2. Morag Bates
    Well Miss Hoppy is just too cute ! Such a sweet little face, and marvelous velvet long ears ! Kisses to her xxx
  3. Karen
    She is now at The Rainbow Bridge, we miss her.
  4. Killearn Kitties
    Beautiful Miss Hoppy, we love you and miss you sweetheart.
  5. Smarties
    That is so sad Karen. She was cute. *cries*
    Miss hoppy's at the Rainbow Bridge, at the old Rainbow Bridge, She's gone forever but still in our hearts, She's at the old Rainbow Bridge. Alot of gone and went there, still in their owner's hearts. *ends song* i remember my old beagle Goldberg! He died around christmas time 3 years ago! Oh I miss him so! *sings the song rainbow bridge* Goldberg's at the Rainbow Bridge, The old Rainbow bridge! He's gone forever but still in our hearts! He's at the old Rainbow Bridge! Alot have gone and went there, still in their owner's hearts. *ends song* *cries* I miss you Goldberg!
  6. MegeRA
    Soo sweet!
  7. Savannahrose
    cute oh no she is a rainbow bridge. aww rip miss hoppy
  8. CatsMeow
    So sweet, May she rest in peace.
  9. Sindy
    She is such a cute little rabbit. I am sorry you have lost her. I don't think rabbits live very long. I had one that only lived a couple years, it was sad.
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