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At 6:12 P.M. on Wednesday, Feb 3rd, VKC surprised the public with a release of the White German Shepherd.
By 7:30 PM , training at Dogland started as members showed up for their free VKC White German Shepherd T-Shirts. 300 Shirts were distributed, and are still available at Dogland Park .
After talk, and gifts were done, we had a great mass training for 30 of these fine looking dogs at one time, where all 30 dogs were trained to do 27 tricks. Afterwords, we customized the tricks for all owner's special needs. Finally we went to homes with the new owners, and helped them with marks, and specialty tricks at their homes.
It was fantastic fun!
Don't Forget to come to Dogland Park in Rhoda to get your T-Shirts, and to get a set of complete dog supplies made for use with VKC Dogs, at no cost. While there full training is available to all at no cost.
You can also look at our selection of other makes of SL dog while there, or visit with our selection of various breeds of relocated VKC dogs- always fully trained, and always at prices greatly reduced compared to all other locations in SL.

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Dogland Stuff
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