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  1. Meowmie, I'm going to lie on your sweatshirt so you can't put it on; and if you can't put it on, then you won't leave, right?
  2. February '09, in my kitchen
  3. 3/8/09: My dad has this cyclamen plant.  After being green with no flowers for months, it had a bunch of buds on it and has bloomed beautifully.  He...
  4. Here is a Christmas photo from last year.  My mom on the left, my sister-in-law Karen in the center, and me on the right.
  5. I am soooo proud of this picture my dad took!  My sister took them on a Chicago architecture tour by boat for their anniversary, and he snapped this...
  6. Hi, Meowm ... where are the clean sheets?
  7. Here's my girl with the curlie Uncle Catmandu sent her!
  8. Cassie :love:s catnip!
  9. Here's my sweet fur-nephew, Milo.
  10. Cassie
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