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I had gotten a german shephard collie mix named Cheyenne when she was a year and a half old, and just three years ago I had lost her to cancer. She was my best friend and protector, and even thugh I tried looking for another dog that looked close to her I could only find one with the same colors she was. So now I have a dog named Sadie who was still a puppy when I got her from the animal shelter and instead of her having the two breeds she has four breeds in her making her a true mutt. LOL Sadie is a german shephard, greyhound,collie,pitt bull mix.
  1. Just another lazy day.
  2. Catching some zzzzzzz's
  3. Now this is Sadie she's my new dog that I got after Cheyenne passed away. I got Sadie from an animal shelter in 2006 and she was 7 months old even...
  4. Sadie enjoying her chair before getting her morning breakfast.
  5. Sadie looking at me after I meantioned the word food.
  6. Cheyenne all covered up a day after she had a bone marrow test still recovering from the pain of the test.
  7. Cheyenne giving me kisses for taking such good care of her before and after she got sick.
  8. Cheyenne resting from being sick on her meds.
  9. Cheyenne after she had an ultrasound to help find her cancer.
  10. My baby Cheyenne before she got cancer.
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