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  • Queen of Poop's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 06:33 AM
    The saying goes - April showers bring May flowers. We're in for a showery weekend and next week. They maybe showers of rain mixed with snow. Winter...
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  • cats4ever's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 05:53 AM
    cats4ever started a thread New Theory in Cat Health
    You are probably getting tired of my posts, but maybe they can help somebody in the future. Last night, Olive vomited violently, and nobody ate...
    17 replies | 364 view(s)
  • cats4ever's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 05:59 AM
    cats4ever started a thread Puzzle 735 in General
    Puzzle # 735 New players! Read the rules before you join, please, and be prepared to host the next if you win! These are the rules: 1. You...
    19 replies | 344 view(s)
  • Kirsten's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 06:58 AM
    I know I haven't been here in ages, but maybe some you still remember my girls, Luna and Lily. :) They're old ladies now, Luna has celebrated her...
    11 replies | 232 view(s)
  • Freedom's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 08:09 AM
    Freedom started a thread Pretty Pava! in Today's Cat
    Hello Pava! I saw your photo and had to check, as you do look similar to my Crystal. Yes, "purrsonality" wise you sound like her, as well. You...
    9 replies | 266 view(s)
  • cats4ever's Avatar
    04-20-2017, 01:36 PM
    Update on Mindy: On Wednesday, one day after fluids and anti-nausea meds, she ate a few bites of her breakfast. Naturally, I was thrilled. And...
    13 replies | 215 view(s)
  • Randi's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 08:08 AM
    Randi started a thread Sweet Scooter in Today's Cat
    Congratulations on being honored as Cat of the Day, Scooter! What a handsome Tuxedo boy you are! Your coat looks so soft… and look at that sweet...
    8 replies | 270 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    04-24-2017, 08:31 AM
    phesina started a thread Sweet Zep! in Today's Cat
    Dearest Zep, what a handsome gentleman cat you are! You are absolutely stunning, with that sleek black fur and the sweet face with those lovely big...
    8 replies | 253 view(s)
  • Randi's Avatar
    04-21-2017, 07:06 AM
    Randi started a thread Adorable Jonathan in Today's Cat
    Congratulations on being honored as Cat of the Day, Jonathan! What a gorgeous boy you are, simply adorable! Your white/orange coat, looks so soft...
    8 replies | 254 view(s)
  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:41 PM
    cassiesmom started a thread Charming Cleo! in Today's Cat
    Hello, adorable Cleo! What a beautiful girl you are, with your tabby and white fur and your pretty eyes! You are a busy girl, too- listening to...
    7 replies | 142 view(s)
  • Randi's Avatar
    04-20-2017, 08:46 AM
    Randi started a thread Noonya in Today's Cat
    Congratulations on being honoured as Cat of the Day, Noonya! You are absolutely beautiful, Noonya! I love your soft pale orange coat, pink nose...
    6 replies | 333 view(s)
  • DonnaDWM's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 AM
    Congratulations on being Pet of the Day. You are the absolute cutest little girl. I can see that you are so well taken care of and most of all...
    7 replies | 116 view(s)
  • Jim Gleason's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 06:00 AM
    I just wanted to call her the Swamp Monster.
    7 replies | 204 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:12 PM
    Karen started a thread Puzzle # 736 in General
    New players! Read the rules before you join, please, and be prepared to host the next if you win! These are the rules: 1. You may only guess...
    10 replies | 87 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    04-24-2017, 08:43 AM
    Dearest Bonnie, you are beautiful indeed! What a gorgeous Dutch Rabbit you are, so pretty in all those great photographs. You have the most...
    6 replies | 191 view(s)
  • Neesie's Avatar
    04-24-2017, 05:01 AM
    Neesie started a thread Cuddly Cliff in Today's Dog
    He's DARLING!!!!!! I'm glad he's known nothing but love with you and your husband. P.S. There is nothing wrong with having fur-children as...
    6 replies | 177 view(s)
  • Neesie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:04 AM
    It takes a lot to put up with all that foolishness. She must be a very tough pooch indeed. Thank you for adopting and dealing with this special pup....
    6 replies | 169 view(s)
  • Freedom's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 02:13 PM
    We had a busy morning today. I often hosted doggie play dates in RI; this is the first time I've done it since we moved (May 5, 2015). So this was...
    6 replies | 185 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 10:06 AM
    Good morning, Pennylane! Happy Dog of the Day, sweetheart!:) What a beautiful Sussex Spaniel you are, Pennylane, and with the prettiest name! ...
    5 replies | 193 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 10:31 AM
    Greetings, Peanut! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart!:) You are pure piggy perfection, Peanut, beautiful inside and out! And I do believe...
    5 replies | 164 view(s)
  • CavyMom's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 08:59 AM
    CavyMom started a thread Marvelous Mausi! in Today's Pet
    Congratulations, Mausi, on being POTD! You were adorable! (We :love: rodents!) Years ago, I was cleaning our hamster's cage and somehow he climbed...
    5 replies | 146 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    04-21-2017, 09:18 AM
    Dearest Chika, you are gorgeous! What a beautiful Turquoise Green Cheek Conure you are, so colorful. And what a delightful personality you have!...
    5 replies | 139 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    04-20-2017, 10:42 AM
    tatsxxx11 started a thread Sweet Emma! in Today's Pet
    Hi Emma in Germany! Happy hammie Pet of the Day to you!:) Aww! What a pretty, oh so precious girl you are, Emma! The contrast of your lovely...
    5 replies | 134 view(s)
  • Catty1's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 02:44 PM
    Attached below is an estimate of expenses that I will incur over the next two months. I am able to pay half of every visit but paying the full...
    6 replies | 127 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    04-21-2017, 09:10 AM
    Dearest Peguine Guzman, what an adorable Miniature Dachshund you are! You are so sweet in all those great photos, and who is your friend there in...
    4 replies | 156 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    04-20-2017, 10:34 AM
    tatsxxx11 started a thread Gorgeous Gizmo! in Today's Dog
    Greetings Gizmo in the Big Apple! Happy Dog of the Day from this native New Yorker! (Brooklyn!:D) What a precious, most photogenic Pekingese you...
    4 replies | 141 view(s)
  • TrailBlazer's Avatar
    04-23-2017, 10:23 PM
    Hi there. I am new to this site and just had a few questions. I got my husky a little over a year ago. He never showed signs of aggression until...
    3 replies | 109 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    04-22-2017, 03:13 PM
    Booze and beagles? How one partnership is saving Texas pets:
    3 replies | 75 view(s)
  • Randi's Avatar
    Today, 09:05 AM
    Randi started a thread Haley in Today's Cat
    Congratulations on being honoured as Cat of the Day, Haley! What a stunningly beautiful girl you are! Your coat has such nice colours and your...
    2 replies | 48 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 AM
    Greetings, Casey! Happy Dog of the Day from a Jersey girl! (Tenafly and Demarest!:D) What a handsome English Cocker boy you are, Casey! I'm...
    2 replies | 25 view(s)
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