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  • slick's Avatar
    08-08-2014, 12:58 AM
    slick started a thread Hello to all in General
    Yes it's me, Slick. This is a rather hard post to write but I feel it is necessary. I have been pretty healthy for the past 3 years or so and...
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  • phesina's Avatar
    08-23-2014, 09:31 AM
    For starters.. the WiFi in my apartment is out now (supposed to be on until Aug. 31), and I'm at the library writing this. Don't know how soon I can...
    35 replies | 562 view(s)
  • Freedom's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 07:48 AM
    As of 10:30 PM last night (Aug 10, 2014), Belle has joined our flock. She is spayed and UTD on shots. Belle will turn 6 years old on Oct 8. She is...
    32 replies | 548 view(s)
  • momcat's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 08:55 PM
    momcat started a thread Yet another scam in General
    Hi PT friends - We all know that scams are running rampant these days so I'm giving all of you a heads up and I hope a laugh with this one. I got...
    24 replies | 446 view(s)
  • catnapper's Avatar
    08-18-2014, 10:25 PM
    I haven't had time to hang out here like I used to - thank goodness for Facebook because I still keep up with a lot of PTers! :love: But I have an...
    22 replies | 430 view(s)
  • jenluckenbach's Avatar
    08-05-2014, 08:39 PM
    Just thought I would drop by and post a little about the kitten I found last Sunday. I found him in the grass quite near city street. I pulled...
    17 replies | 405 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-28-2014, 03:25 PM
    As you all know, we put out birdseed for the birds, but as I scatter it on the ground, we also get chipmunk, squirrels, and the occasional wild...
    20 replies | 185 view(s)
  • CavyMom's Avatar
    08-07-2014, 05:11 AM
    Congratulations, Gabriel, on being COTD - and finding the best, loving forever home where you're appreciated! :love: Your photos and stories of...
    15 replies | 238 view(s)
  • Dianne321's Avatar
    08-08-2014, 05:10 AM
    Dianne321 started a thread Hooray for Rain! in Today's Cat
    That's my 'grandkitty' ! Congrats to Rain , a beautiful Cat of the Day !
    14 replies | 154 view(s)
  • snakemama's Avatar
    08-27-2014, 11:03 PM
    I called the shelter yesterday and asked them to put me back on the list for kittens. Today I got the magic call; three babies had been transferred...
    16 replies | 182 view(s)
  • Barbara's Avatar
    08-05-2014, 02:24 AM
    Hi Red Rider, we used to have a kitty lawyer here at Pet Talk who made sure kitties did not have to work too hard at home. As far as I can see your...
    13 replies | 252 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    08-30-2014, 09:20 AM
    My apartment complex has had free WiFi for the last few months. Unfortunately, that is being cancelled as of August 31, so I guess that means it...
    18 replies | 245 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-18-2014, 12:52 AM
    She looks just as sweet as her namesake dessert, doesn't she? But she's the no-calorie version ;) We are glad she is such a dear girl, and such a...
    17 replies | 237 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-24-2014, 01:58 AM
    What a handsome orange and white boy you are, and your amber eyes match your fur nicely! How fun you is such a good big brother, even if you always...
    14 replies | 209 view(s)
  • momcat's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 08:36 PM
    momcat started a thread RIP Robin Williams in General
    While watching tv tonight, I was absolutely shocked to hear of Robin Williams' passing. Even though I remember him most from Mork & Mindy, he...
    15 replies | 294 view(s)
  • kuhio98's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 03:44 PM
    Adorable mug from Etsy shop:
    20 replies | 286 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-21-2014, 03:52 AM
    Karen started a thread Stunning Sir Stuart in Today's Cat
    Stuart the Tonkinese has such gorgeous turquoise eyes, and they are so striking set in that sleek dark chocolate Tonkinese coat! It is nice that he...
    13 replies | 171 view(s)
  • RICHARD's Avatar
    08-21-2014, 12:47 PM
    I'm going to fire up the pizza oven and open up the porch so we can sit out, eat, drink and be merry. i have had a bug all week, so I'll start the...
    18 replies | 194 view(s)
  • Vermontcat's Avatar
    08-29-2014, 05:48 PM
    Today is my sweet fluffy Meezer Izzy's 8th Birthday!:D She and her Meezer mom Milly are both doing great, I have just been so busy with work I...
    13 replies | 90 view(s)
  • pomtzu's Avatar
    08-23-2014, 12:13 PM
    pomtzu started a thread Never a dull moment.... in General
    I should know better than to do something as stupid as straightening up, cleaning, organizing - somehow it manages to backfire on me. Last...
    17 replies | 273 view(s)
  • RICHARD's Avatar
    08-28-2014, 10:45 AM
    RICHARD started a thread Thursday # 600!!!!!! in Dog House
    Dang, I never ever thought that this would go on this long... I'll go back and figure out how many years it is? I'd like to thank all the...
    18 replies | 166 view(s)
  • Medusa's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 07:02 PM
    Even The Boy asked me why I haven't posted on Facebook, etc. So it isn't that I'm ignoring PT. It's just life, y'know? Anyhow, I'm going to be...
    13 replies | 413 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-17-2014, 02:06 AM
    Fun when we have a cat that lives where its breed is from, and Neellah - her name started as Carnelia - is a Maine Coon living in Maine! We...
    12 replies | 290 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-20-2014, 01:00 AM
    She is such a beauty, and because she is deaf, that means she didn't have any language difficulties when she moved from England to Sweden! I am glad...
    12 replies | 184 view(s)
  • opschick's Avatar
    08-09-2014, 05:46 AM
    opschick started a thread Starling in Today's Dog
    Oh Starling, I gasped when I read about that breeder wanting to drown you. someone needs to report that man. Personally, I think he's the one that...
    12 replies | 180 view(s)
  • momcat's Avatar
    08-21-2014, 12:29 PM
    momcat started a thread Amigo is 1 today! in Cat General
    There will be some celebrating around here today. It's Amigo's first purrthday! This is great, his package with his new purrthday toys just arrived...
    13 replies | 138 view(s)
  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    08-26-2014, 08:28 AM
    Happy birthday, Lizbud! I hope you have a very special day!
    12 replies | 88 view(s)
  • momoffuzzyfaces's Avatar
    08-04-2014, 03:50 PM
    The bus saga in our town continues with an upsetting turn for me. July first a new out of town co took our bus under their wing so to speak. All...
    16 replies | 371 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    08-18-2014, 12:47 AM
    Karen started a thread Dapper Mr Wiskerson in Today's Cat
    Some cats just seem to need a more formal name, like Mr Wiskerson does! He just has that air about himself! It is nice that he came along after your...
    11 replies | 255 view(s)
  • Jim's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 07:44 AM
    Jim started a thread Binkie in Today's Cat
    You stole my heart with that first photo and the rest finished. You look like a sweetie.
    12 replies | 155 view(s)
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