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  • Karen's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 06:40 AM
    Karen started a thread Hello, Dolly! in Today's Cat
    Of course that theme song with its irrepressible tune is running through my head seeing your pretty orange cream set this morning, cutie! We are so...
    9 replies | 178 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    07-02-2015, 04:58 AM
    Dear, beautiful Jobby~ This life long dog lover and Retriever mom is sitting here awash in tears, reading your mommy's heart wrenching, love...
    9 replies | 157 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    06-29-2015, 06:44 AM
    Karen started a thread Lovely Lily in Today's Cat
    What a pretty girl you are, Lily, with your soft, luxurious long coat, and the tuxedo-ish grey and white markings. They really do set off your green...
    8 replies | 173 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:04 AM
    Karen started a thread Magnificent Maks in Today's Cat
    What a cutie pie you are, Maks, and are you named for the famous dancer Maksim? We know how playful you are, and of course kitties are notoriously...
    8 replies | 79 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 09:06 AM
    Karen started a thread Beautiful Nala! in Today's Cat
    What a gorgeous Bengal beauty you are, Nala! There is no mistaking that silver and black spangled coat with its spots and stripes, and that muscular...
    7 replies | 176 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-03-2015, 08:11 AM
    Karen started a thread Captivating KeKe! in Today's Cat
    You certainly do not look like a full grown kitty, KeKe - we still see quite a bit of kitten in your looks, even though we know you are seven whole...
    7 replies | 169 view(s)
  • RICHARD's Avatar
    07-03-2015, 10:22 AM
    Does that make cat vomit, 1.5? When I woke this morning, climbed out of bed The day's 'to do list' runs thru my head Maybe laundry, take a...
    7 replies | 123 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    06-28-2015, 10:24 AM
    phesina started a thread Captivating Cole in Today's Cat
    Dearest Mr. Cole Diamond Johnson-Hanel, what a gorgeous, stunning, handsome ebony gentleman you are! Your fur is so shiny and soft-looking, and what...
    7 replies | 115 view(s)
  • Sowa's Avatar
    06-28-2015, 03:00 PM
    Pixel is entertained by everything and anything, this includes her tail and feet. She will even play with a leg of a chair lol. She's so weird. I...
    7 replies | 109 view(s)
  • Freedom's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 08:06 AM
    We moved on May 6th, to a smaller house. Plus, I do not keep the cellar door open here as I did in the prior house. So everyone has had to sort out...
    8 replies | 103 view(s)
  • chocolatepuppy's Avatar
    06-29-2015, 10:36 PM
    :love: Happy 9th Birthday Layla :love: A puppy pic! :cool:
    7 replies | 117 view(s)
  • fritz03's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 07:50 PM
    fritz03 started a thread At Dad's Stone in General
    A plant and a card in it at Dad's gravestone today. Mom mentioned in the card today would have been their 65th Anniversary and that we all miss him...
    6 replies | 86 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:10 AM
    Karen started a thread Ozzie Cutie! in Today's Pet
    Wow, Ozzie - your lion head genes certainly are obvious in your looks with all those wild spikes and mane! How sad your first family did not do their...
    6 replies | 67 view(s)
  • RICHARD's Avatar
    07-02-2015, 12:38 PM
    Well, Time to really start up the BBQ and make some ribs, burgers, wieners and wait for the fireworks!!! ---- I am in the mood for one of...
    6 replies | 96 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:10 AM
    ... to all our American friends (and everyone else)! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
    6 replies | 72 view(s)
  • mrspunkysmom's Avatar
    06-29-2015, 11:43 PM
    Interesting. The creator doesn't mention the poop, though.
    6 replies | 72 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-02-2015, 09:17 AM
    Karen started a thread Fantastic Fernando! in Today's Cat
    What a handsome boy you are, Nando, and we can certainly see the Maine Coon influence in your looks! That super-dense plush coat os a dead giveaway,...
    5 replies | 126 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 09:02 AM
    Karen started a thread Marvelous Juka! in Today's Dog
    What a precious puppy you are Juka, with your crown of flowers you look so sweet! We are so glad you survived, first being abandoned with your...
    5 replies | 119 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-03-2015, 08:05 AM
    Karen started a thread Super Spartan! in Today's Dog
    What a sweet face you have, Spartan - and we can tell you are still a growing puppy, as you still have that "all legs" look to you like many...
    5 replies | 106 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 06:58 AM
    Karen started a thread Awesome Angel! in Today's Pet
    Okay, Angel - your name certainly suits your snow-white coloring, but we think you diet is more impressive even than that! That you can even eat 50 -...
    5 replies | 92 view(s)
  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    07-02-2015, 06:43 AM
    Hi Carmen! Happy Pet of the Day!:) What a stunning Coronet Cavy you are, Carmen! Your long, silky coat is simply gorgeous, and we can see in...
    5 replies | 90 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 06:32 AM
    Karen started a thread Precious Tessa! in Today's Dog
    What a pretty girl you are, Tessa, and such interesting markings you have! Your eyes are all Shepherd, but I wonder what else is in your breed mix?...
    5 replies | 85 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    06-28-2015, 01:51 PM
    Oh, Tommy - what a cutie pie you are, and while your momma may have thought she wanted a female puppy, she obviously needed you as much as you needed...
    5 replies | 78 view(s)
  • Freedom's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 07:57 AM
    Freedom started a thread Flying Fluffs! in Dog General
    Here is a vid of 2 fluffs who may need to get pilot licenses! :D Been working on recalls with Belle. I couldn't see her or Riley, so called COME!...
    5 replies | 67 view(s)
  • gkoelling's Avatar
    06-29-2015, 04:54 AM
    gkoelling started a thread Handsome Sam! in Today's Dog
    Seniors are a gift and Sam seems to be no exception. He's a handsome guy and knows when to use the energy he still has. I hope he has many more...
    4 replies | 108 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    06-28-2015, 08:02 PM
    4 replies | 98 view(s)
  • chocolatepuppy's Avatar
    07-03-2015, 07:34 AM
    You're a gorgeous boy Gringo!!!:love: It seems your person loves you very much. :love: You're eyes are stunning. Congrats on being POTD!:cool: ...
    4 replies | 97 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 09:10 AM
    Karen started a thread Bommel Bunny! in Today's Pet
    Wow, Bommel, what a fluffy fluffy boy you are! You look for all the world like a cloud with ears! Hoe fun you are so excited to see your person every...
    4 replies | 80 view(s)
  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:24 AM
    Karen started a thread Abby Adorable! in Today's Dog
    What a pretty and festive girl you are, Abby! We are so impressed by the array of bandanas you have, you truly are a dog for all seasons, aren;t you!...
    4 replies | 72 view(s)
  • phesina's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 09:12 AM
    phesina started a thread Happy Canada Day! in General
    .. to all our Canadian friends (and all the rest of us)!!! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
    4 replies | 62 view(s)
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