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Bounty the Mouse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bounty
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Mouse
Home: Niedersaschen, Germany
   This is Bounty. As you can see she's a mouse, a very pretty one. Just the other day, I saw an advertisement about a mouse which said the previous owner of this mouse wanted to sell her as snake food. I called him and asked if she was still available and he said "yes." I went over to his house and saw her - MY bounty. She was just incredibly beautiful and very curious. After some talking about her I told him I'd take her right away, so I brought her home and put her into her new, large cage.
     That is how I got my lovely girl, which I will resocialize with other mice as soon as I take her to the vet. I'm so glad I did rescue her. And as you can see, she's already made herself quite at home! Even though I only have her for a short time now I love her like other people love their dogs or cats. She is very precious to me, and isn't she beautiful! I look forward to giving her a long, happy life here!

Bounty the Mouse, the Pet of the Day Bounty the Mouse, the Pet of the Day

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