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Bacon the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bacon
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Midland, North Carolina, USA
   This is Bacon, the bearded dragon. I named her Bacon because I was thinking about bacon at the time, and I love the two so dearly so it just stuck.

     Bacon enjoys gut-loaded crickets, meal worms, and the occasional baby (frozen and unthawed) mouse. When out of her terrarium, she likes to sit on my shoulder, arm, or head and likes to explore the wonders of my room in search for a nice shoe to go to sleep on. I always say that she's like a child, because she never wants to eat her veggies (except for a little bit of kale). Despite her curiousity, she is very laid back and so passive her prey often gets a free ride on top of her head.

     Her curiosity sometimes makes her do funny things. One time when she was little, she hopped up on her tree and then leapt to cling to the thermometer dangling on the wall for a few seconds before falling off! She's also very curious about the camera. These pictures are some of the only ones I was able to take without her looking at it head on and following it around the room!
Bacon the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Bacon the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day

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