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Aslan the Red-Footed Tortoise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Aslan
Age: Forty-six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red-Footed Tortoise
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Aslan is our RedFooted Tortoise, and he's an older gent - he is already 46 years old. The books say they can live to 50 and some say even beyond, and he seems no different than he did ten years ago, so we hope he is still with us for a long time, and proves those books right. Unlike some tortoises, his kind do not hibernate, so of course he lives inside, especially as we live in Minnesota. Red-Footed tortoises are mostly herbivores, so he gets greens as well as his special tortoise food, and enjoys munching them down.

     Aslan is special because he enjoys walking around the house. When he wants a strawberry or other special treat he rams into the fridge until we give him a treat. So while he may not be able to bark like a dog, or meow like a cat, he certainly can communicate! That thumping can be quite loud, and gets results every time, so I guess he has us well trained. He's a very special guy.

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