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Cupid the Shetland Pony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cupid
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shetland Pony
Home: Groningen, Netherlands
   Meet Cupid a small pony with a big story. At first sight he looks like your standard small pony. And in a lot of ways he is. He's sweet, happy, has lots of energy and of course as most pony's is a little rascal from time to time. I've had Cupid since he was just 7 months old, my first pony so indeed a very special one.

     Several summers ago, after a long battle with hoof problems we where about to put him down. Since I wouldn't forgive myself if we didn't try everything before putting him down I took him to a special clinic. At this clinic they did lots of tests and finally the missing puzzle piece revealed itself.

     Cupid's internal hoof was damaged from an infection in 2012. We had no idea that his front feet were damaged this bad. After months of therapy and lots of love, my little boy could call himself a healthy horse again.

     Since that time he wouldn't have lived, and now he has years to come, I though he deserved to be honored. This little man has battled bravely and won! The proof that never giving up, hope and a sprinkle of miracle dust does pay of. I wouldn't know what to do without my little man, my hero.

Cupid the Shetland Pony, the Pet of the Day

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