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Elvis the Polish Chicken, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elvis
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Polish Chicken
Home: Kansas, USA
   Tlvis is our most distinctive bird; in fact, he looks like a member of an '80s hair band. For a rooster, he's very docile and quiet. Elvis doesn't know any tricks, nor does he come to his name, and his favorite activities are fairly typical of what one may expect of a chicken. He likes to take dust baths, forage for bugs and fresh grass, and at night prefers to roost outside with his three closest friends, Tina Eggturner, Buck Buck Bjork, and Aretha Chicken--all fellow Polish Crested chickens. Purchased as a days-old chick from a local farm supply store, he was originally named Buttercup under the assumption that he was a girl like his flockmates.

     When his head feathers started to come in spikey instead of rounded, we realized immediately that he was a "surprise rooster," and promptly changed his name to Elvis. Like most roosters, he tries to avoid being handled, and will dodge away from any hands that reach for him. If you manage to catch him, however, he doesn't put up a fight, and will even fall asleep while cradled in your arms, making contented little chicken noises. He is a gentleman of a rooster, always polite and respectful to the other chickens, and never kicking up a fuss, even with the other boys. His crow--if you could call it that--leaves something to be desired, but he is still young. Maybe as he gets bigger, his crow will too.

     Although we purchased him with the expectation of being a laying hen, Elvis has nothing to fear. An ill-tempered rooster would be destined for the stew pot elsewhere, but Elvis is far too charming and handsome for such a fate. He has a permanent place in our flock--and our hearts.

Elvis the Polish Chicken, the Pet of the Day Elvis the Polish Chicken, the Pet of the Day

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