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Otto the Lutino Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Otto
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lutino Cockatiel
Home: Paderborn, Germany
   His name is Otto. He is a Lutino Cockatiel and he lives in Paderborn, Germany, which is in North Rhine-Westphalia. His kind is originally from Australia, but he was hatched here in Germany.

     Otto is funny, he may look innocent, but don't let that fool you! He likes it to fly other people on the head and bite their ear. He doesn't do it hard enough to draw blood, but it does hurt! People are very surprised when he does this, and I think he enjoys their reactions! With me, he does know better, but sometimes he will do this to visitors before I even think to warn them. He is such a mischievous boy. He can be noisy sometimes, especially if he thinks his dinner is late in arriving. Still, he is a handsome bird and a fun pet, even if he's naughty sometimes, and I love him!

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